Master PR and Media Thread Thoughts and Ideas Of the Community

Well I will start this thread with my own thoughts and it might be shot down in flames but I will risk it.
At this moment I believe we should try and figure out why people have left the Nu Community,rather than concentrate on gaining members from the non crypto world.Maybe if old members see how far Nu has came they could be persuaded to come back.Old members coming back are very likely to bring new members with them.As a newbie I am maybe looking at it wrong but just my thoughts.
Please people interested in this topic give their opinions


Ponzi is still thrown around anytime we’re mentioned in the bigger conversation. What is the best response to accusations of Nu being a ponzi scheme?

Some community members left because they felt their voice wasn’t heard. Perhaps there’s a better way to interact with new community members that have new ideas while still keeping our ‘no central authorities’ shtick.

As a newbie here I have never encountered my voice not being heard,maybe the hierarchy structure has changed since then or maybe a year later and less pressure on senior members so they have more time for newbies.
As for ponzi scheme the fact that Nubits has held it peg nigh on a year should dispel that and as Nubits 3/4/5 rolls out transactions will be more accountable and traceable to the public eye.I think thats a thing after the exchange the Devs should concentrate on transparency.

Nothing can be really non centralized,one has to weigh the benefits of losing some to gain transparency.Its a really fine line.

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Also thru time I believe Nubits has to pair to a new currency to further advance.I know this would mean running two pegs but in time it could be done.
I dont think it could be the Euro because of its volatility and not sure if China would look friendly on a crypto pegged to the Yuan.Thats leaves the UK pound or gold.My preference would be sterling as its quite a stable currency.

So what’s the best way to get word out that we’ve held stable at $1 for a year?

You can do a paid article in some of the top Crypto papers but I really dont think it worth the money.My idea would be to run a Daily blog of a member and holder of NBT/NSR his thoughts and explanations in laymens terms of how he perceives the Nu system and community.What he voted for and did not vote for and why,just his daily life in the Nubit world.Take questions get them answered.Just a guys take on the whole thing.
I can understand why some people left its a very complicated system to the average joe,he needs to talk to someone in his own language and get answered in the same.Thats why I think a layman blog would be a good thing for the average guy.

1 Like is available for anyone to write articles for supported organizations (Nu being one of them). General articles are welcome as well. The site doesn’t get a lot of views right now but anyone could use it as a blog. We’ll have more organizations added soon and we hope the site becomes a melting pot for distributed organizations and the articles/proposals to help drive them.

I was thinking more of building and hosting a WP site for someone,its easier for me to get it on to Google page one.Just a simple multi author site.Maybe thats not what you want??

Thanks for making this topic. I definitely think it would be worth spending some time figuring out why people have left Nu. Another group that should be targeted is people from the crypto world who have never really taken a close look at Nu or don’t really understand how the network operates.

A well written blog with the thoughts of a community member would also be great. I think using Daology or something like Medium would be simpler than setting up a WP site. I will add some more of my general thoughts on marketing later on tonight.

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well as its the middle of the night to me I will read and post tomorrow…night all

Here are some questions that will hopefully generate discussion. I tried to organize them based on the subcategories in the marketing section of the forums.

Business Development:

  • Can we update the history of Nu document? This is a great resource…do we need to create a small grant for compensation or get some volunteers?

  • Can we create a document which concisely describes Nu’s organization, vision, and operations for those who won’t read a white paper? Does this document exist? If not, it would probably mostly be a matter of synthesizing existing material.

  • Aside from the data at, what else should we be tracking? Would it be useful for shareholders to analyze Google Analytics type data for the site? Would scraping and trying to do regular sentiment analysis on Twitter, Reddit and other social media be useful at this stage?


  • Would it be in our interests to find areas where we can cooperate with the Bitcoin/Ethereum communities? Ethereum might end up being a great platform for writing smart contracts. As for Bitcoin, I know sidechains are a ways off but with all the smart guys working on them I worry they could pose a threat in the future. Could/should we make sure that Nu owns the best “Nubits/pegged crypto sidechain?” Would love to hear devs chime in here.

Community Outreach

Community Newsletter:

  • What’s the status ? Getting this out on a regular basis would be great! Do we need more volunteers to help out? @Sentinelrv

That’s all I have for now.

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I was on vacation over the last 2 weeks and made a lot of progress catching up on everything that has gone on over the last several months. For those who didn’t see my previous post about this on the forum, I have been largely absent and behind because I was promoted at my job and have been undergoing heavy training which takes up a lot of my time. I just returned to work from vacation and am in the final stretch of training (hopefully 2-3 more weeks).

I’m still continuing to catch up on the forum though and am nearing current day events. Once I’m completely caught up, I’d like to take some time to process everything and organize it into an update for the history, pretty much all the important events and motions that have happened since B&C’s fundraising. At that point I’d like to see the history more prominently displayed on the website, for example in the main navigation. Right now it’s pretty hidden in the docs page, but I understand, since it’s outdated info. I’d also like to see other shareholders contribute to the document and work to continually improve it once it is completely updated.

I’m not sure what the status of this is. I remember @tomjoad posting a sample template for the newsletter, but I imagine it never materialized because nobody else volunteered to write updates for it. A newsletter that can be linked to and emailed out to shareholders would be a powerful way of keeping everyone in the loop about current events, important discussions and motions that are up for voting. It’s better than expecting everyone to read everything on the forum.

Here is my current schedule. I’d like to finish catching up on the forum. Hopefully that won’t take much longer. I’d like to organize and update the history section of the website. After that I’d like to finish working on the official NuBits thread for Bitcointalk I started working on earlier this year. This thread will help bring more awareness to Nu from regular crypto users. The thread can be continually bumped by everyone in this forum posting updates, links to motions, discussions, etc… There is no reason why it shouldn’t be on the first page of the altcoins board most of the time with everything that goes on here in this forum. After finishing this thread I might make a counterpart on the Nu forum which could possibly be made a global sticky for newbies. Then after all this is complete I think I might want to try writing updates for the community newsletter. I had planned on having all of this done months ago, but my promotion and job training was an unexpected distraction which has delayed me for a long time.

If anyone would like to volunteer to write for the newsletter, please don’t feel like you need to wait for me. I can join in later once it is established.


Think a lot of people here are missing my point,I have a Masters degree and some of the whitepaper and posts here have me scratching my head imagine how the average blue collar worker feels.We must write a newsletter blog whatever that is not just aimed at "geeks"but what the average guy can comprehend.Lets take NBT to the masses,maybe that’s why so many left or don’t post here.

If the masses cannot undertand how fiat works, will not understand crypto universe also.
The majority of people come to cryptos to make easy money, so simple.
If they see that they have to “work” to earn their money, perhaps they will leave!
Especially in NU you have to “work”, to “sell” a little effort.
I hope people realize what NU is and what it can become in the future if we all work harder :wink:

Well most people don’t understand how fiat works and how its influenced by Central banks, interest rates and money supply People understand Bitcoin because its simple usually written in layman’s terms and unless your a member of the foundation there’s not much geek talk.
I think I will pull back and let others with your opinions take over.Wishing you the best …Nubition

Why i have the feeling that i have said something wrong here?
In a DAO you can’t just “take over” :slight_smile:

No need to pull back!
Nu can be explained in layman’s term and in one sentence:
Nu keeps the value of 1 NBT pegged to 1 USD by adjusting the NBT supply to the demand for NBT.

If people want to know how, this can be explained as well, but the more detailed they want to know it, the more they need to learn about the inner workings :wink:

I bet they will!
I have little time at the moment, but will come back to that great overview you created.

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What if we had a choose your own adventure book for learning Nu?

I think one way to get started in this direction is to improve the documentation we have at It’s a really great site, and it’s open source. Anyone can make edits to the files. We have a lot of technical documentation there but we don’t have a lot of simpler documentation to ease people into understanding how the network works. One of the problems with creating simplified documentation is there are many of us involved with this process for the past year who suffer from the homo logicus mentality. Even the “history of Nu” can be overwhelming since much of the language is still esoteric to outsiders.

So sayings “NuBits are always 1$” is great and simple. People want more though. We can see the prices of lots of things when we walk by stores. But does seeing the price make us WANT it? There were lots of tablet computers before iPads came out, why didn’t the demand catch on until Apple made one?

How can the community help make it easier for the community to grow? (simple documentation? simple graphics?)

We want to be THE synthetic dollar for crypto. Maybe we should be co-ordinating materials that we can use to approach other communities and inform them about Nu and our goal. That we believe in all crypto, and Nu wants to help other projects. Maybe we can choose a coin every two weeks. We’ll create a post/thread on each of their properties (subreddit, forum, etc) and approach their community as a group. Sort of a community to community AMA. Some may not be happy about this, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks if we are respectful and understanding to their rules and guidelines.

In order for our community to grow we’ll need to be more proactive. Especially since our network can seem very scary at first. How can we engage other communities in a mutually beneficial way?

Another thing to consider: Is there a way to encourage other communities to petition exchanges to add NBT pairs to their coin? They get the benefit of a very very liquid pairing, we’ll have roles opened up for more custodians (maybe some cross pollination if we can get community leaders from other communities to become custodians for their pairs). Another idea is if we build up these relationships with other communities we should add dividend support for their coin. This could be part of the community-to-community AMA. It could be something we ask their developers to assist in. If other communities see that they’re part of the Nu network it could encourage more activity between communities.

Sorry this is a smattering of ideas i’m throwing at the wall. I haven’t had a lot of time to contribute to discussions but I think this is an important one and we should consider some new ideas. We have a unique network and we should take advantage of our uniqueness before it dissolves.