Market maker on CCEDK with FREE debitcard and free trading!

[size=14pt]Market maker on CCEDK with FREE debitcard and trading for FREE, interested?[/size]

Requirement: 10BTC worth of liqudity in both sell and buy side, not necessarily on one pair, but could be two pairs as well.


Market makers are offered to trade with 0% trade commission on all crypto sell and buy walls, a NanoCard delivered free of charge, monthly fees waivered and no costs whatsoever connected to card until you decide to use it buying your family lunch or picking up the groceries, either way paying with your nanocard, funded in real-time from the bitcoins you have in CCEDK account! We will even activate your card for you FOR FREE!

You can read more about the NanoCard and its limits and fees here:

So how about it, have fun trading and spend your earnings whenever, wherever with your NanoCard.

No costs involved apart from what you spend yourself, as long as being a market maker on CCEDK, and if you stop, just withdraw you bitcoin as you wish and forget about the card.

We are now on Coinigy as well, feel free to read the article they had made this week in altcointoday:

Coinogy wrote:

CCEDK charting, trading and live orderbooks have recently been integrated into Coinigy directly, and we encourage our users to sign up for an account to take advantage of this great new feature! Click the link below to register your free trading account at Crypto Coins Denmark:

We are flexible, and hope you are too!

Feel free to ask for further info on or PM me here on discuss NuBits!

Go directly to read more about the NanoCard on our webpage:

or you can also have a read on the Forbes Magazine writing about the CCEDK NanoCard

PS:Did I forget to mention that with the NanoCard you have the option to withdraw cash in realtime from your bitcoin account at CCEDK.