Market Accessibility is yet too frustrating for the Non-banked!

I have just failed to benefit from the recent NuShares price drop by buying some extra shares with the few dollars i have, the local BitCoin seller asked for an extra $10 fee beside the 1% fee since i am paying less than the $100 limit !

This is too frustrating, Cryptocurrencies will never be accessible for limited resourced people like me until we find a solution to sell 1 NBT actually for $1.

I wish this isn’t the last chance to get some cheap NuShares before it is too late.

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If you are using local bitcoins then you are paying for a service. It would follow that you would not get a 1 to 1 ratio.

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I’m really sorry you have had this frustrating experience.

May I observe that the problem is really with legacy currencies rather than cryptoassets? If you had wanted to exchanges your dollars for euros, you would likely be looking at similar fees. However, if you were buying NuShares with NuBits the conversion would be very inexpensive.

It is my hope we can create a complete financial system in crypto so that people just live there and have no need for expensive and cumbersome legacy currencies.


I agree, from now on i’ll be sure to keep some NBT liquidity, for such cases since the access to the digital economy is too frustrating and impractical.

Crypto has nothing to apologize for, i was just whining and wishing for the same, self sufficient crypto-economy!

By the way, is there any NSR/NBT active trading pair right now? i can’t find any.
And is there any near plans for a decentralized NSR/NBT trading pair ?

WOW , just Noticed that some one apparently Tipped me with 10000 NSR ! Who ever he is I am overwhelmed with your Generosity and appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

Hope i can do some thing to thank you.

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I too would love an nsr/nbt pair. Currently the only one is on ccedk with no volume. I am arguing for the ability to burn across the nsr/nbt price point for custodians, which will also aid in this transition.
Now a days, the only real option is nbt>btc>nsr via an exchange like poloniex.

I suspect we will see NSR/NBT pairs supported by NuBot once parametric order books are implemented.


Very interesting, I like it.