Manual Exchange (NSR/BTC) – Discontinued, see


Exceptions to the 0.1 BTC step rule can be made for the remainder of escrow balance when exchange activity is low.


It’s been 4 days since this was updated. Do we need to pass a motion for you to update this more frequently or to provide information about trades that occur? Right now it’s basically just your own private dark order book.


@lissajous what the heck are you talking about? “Private dark order book”?


Sorry for the lack of updates. Manual Exchange has seen low activity.


hey @jooize, no problem. People here are used to lack of updates. Any chance you could provide an update about B&C shareholders’ reimbursements?


No activity in Manual Exchange since last screenshot.


As the Novaexchange listing means we have a fully functional exchange in addition to Alcurex, the Manual Exchange is shut down effective immediately. Any remaining balances will be withdrawn to specified addresses.