Mandatory upgrade to Nu client version 1.0.1

The 1.0 release is our preparation for opening the source code. In compliance with the open source motion directives, it has a version number of 1.0 and a new license. Sigmike has recently conducted a security audit of our source code and his findings led to a number of minor changes that users probably won’t notice but result in subtle protocol changes that under unusual circumstances could cause older clients and 1.0 clients to break consensus. As a result this is a mandatory upgrade and shareholders should protect the network by taking the time to upgrade immediately.

Here is the Windows version:

And the Linux version:

CG EDIT: Adding OSX link here

@CoinGame will update you on the Raspberry Pi build momentarily and @Ben will provide an update on the OS X build soon.

As soon as it is clear the network is safely switched to 1.0 we will open the source code.


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Here is the RaPi binary.

edit: I’ve updated the link. Somehow the filename suffix .gz was stripped on the version I uploaded.

:warning: As usual, this has not been tested as extensively as our supported platforms. Please exercise caution using this build. Make sure to back up your wallets prior to use. :warning:

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When will the Mac version be available, and will this effect the network?

Just tested 1.0.0, it works.

getpeerinfo reports most of peers using old /Siglee:0.5.1/Nu:0.5.1(v0.5.1-beta)/ version.

Also, AUR package updated:

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I upgraded, but at the moment I was using a data feed. In the status bar it now says “Data feed failed: Unsupported protocol”

Is this normal until everybody else switches over to v1.0?

We discovered that the build released has a different version of a couple dependencies than the build that was tested (for data feeds, among other things). The solution to this sort of problem is automated builds on a build server. We just haven’t prioritized doing that yet.

So, the problem you are having is indeed a defect of the 1.0.0 version. The team is working hard to get out a 1.0.1 version where data feeds work. I expect that will be released within a couple hours, unless unexpected problems arise.

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This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

Sorry about that everyone. v1.0.1 is now posted live. This should resolve the reported data feed issue. RaPi version should be unaffected, so an additional binary will not be built for that platform. Please inform me of any issues you have with this build.

What happened? Why urgent point release?

That’s pretty much it. We’ll have an automated build process at some point after going open source to prevent issues like this.

Ok I have see that, but topic title was suddenly 1.1 which would not be used unless something drastic happened. I guess typo (changed now).

Yup that was my fault. Typo, sorry.

How do I check if I’m running the correct version?

For Windows: in the “Help” window of the client you should click “About Nu-QT”. It will list a version number there. The most recent version is 1.0.1, available through the download link in the original post here.

If you meant for a different OS or Raspberry Pi, someone else will be able to help I’m sure.

any checksums available?

I had to delete my Nu folder in order for the installer to work correctly. Apparently I’ve been on 0.5.4 since it’s release :confused: