[Mandatory Upgrade] All minters need to upgrade to B&C Exchange 4.0.1

any checksum available?
it seems nobody except me is asking for that.


We’re up to 33.45% of minters upgraded. Let’s keep the momentum going to version 4.0.1!


39.80% today. Still need more minters to switch to the latest version 4.0.1.

Have all buyers been contacted on Bitmessage about the upgrade? I’m not sure if people are still monitoring that, but it might help. They need to be told to regularly monitor the thread and this forum for client updates.

Isn’t it possible to broadcast the upgrade notification through the BCE client?
I mean, everybody who’s minting has it running.
With e.g. a headless RaPi and no GUI, they find it in the errors section of the getinfo RPC, which they should check from time to time (because of block height etc.).


I think the idea was to use datafeeds for that:

You lost me - how are data feeds related to client broadcast messages?
Is that the same and I’m only not aware of it?

How about emeth’s peermassage application? @Sentinelrv

This is totally not suitable for informing BKS minters - the BCE application is.
…not to speak about PeerApps not being ready…

Just an FYI, during the next protocol upgrade there will be a warning displayed in the client when > 20% of the last 2000 blocks has a protocol vote higher than the users current protocol version. This was added in 4.0.

It won’t display this time unfortunately because 3.0.2 clients don’t have the warning code. After this protocol upgrade though the client will automatically notify when the threshold I mentioned above is reached.

No need for developer messaging. Shareholders will inform the network automatically simply by using the protocol voting when they mint.


How about distributing B&C source code and binary via blockchain? In the same way we share blockchain data. I guess less than 150MB is sufficient as long as customers discard old versions.

Another merit is we can avoid vicious binary from 3rd party or official website outage.

We’re up to 42.85% protocol votes today. All shareholders must upgrade as soon as possible.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1033773.msg14427815#msg14427815

I am not satisfied with the protocol upgrade speed, I thought we can achieve 90% within 2 weeks, and apparently we need to improve the way we broadcast to shareholders and software issuing.

I suspect a simpler reason is we have many new shareholders who do not realize our decentralized governance requires active voting. We had a brief period of inactivity that may have led some shareholders to turn their attention away from their BlockShares, but we’re bringing them back on board.

I’m confident that we will continue to approach 90% in the coming week or two.


I’ve tried many times and via 3 ISP today to download B&C4.0.1, but always failed. Most of them stopped at 60-70% even 99% from amazons.

EDIT: finally downloaded.

I think my reply is obsolete as I understand v4 will display an upgrade message on protocol updates when more than 20% is minting on the new upgrade.

Once there was the idea that datafeeds could broadcast messages to clients when deemed relevant for users. The solution implemented in v4 of the client is better anyway imo as you don’t have to be subscribed to any datafeed and the solution is decentralised.

The network declined to 41.05% of protocol votes today.

Is anyone here having difficulty upgrading to version 4.0.1? We’re happy to help you out if so. At a 90% threshold for a protocol switch, we cannot afford to have any minters not using the latest version of B&C Exchange.

Has this been done? @BCExchange

Perhaps they are waiting for Mac OS version, although there are only a few Mac users, but their BKS are possible many. :slight_smile: Just a wild guess.

Then they should stop minting until release 4 for MacOS is available, for crying out loud!

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