[Mandatory Upgrade] All minters need to upgrade to B&C Exchange 4.0.1

A defect in B&C Exchange version 4.0.0 has been discovered that will require B&C minters to upgrade to 4.0.1 before the protocol switch date, which will be two weeks after 90% of blocks are minted with 4.0.0 or 4.0.1. Currently, only 21.9% of blocks have a vote for protocol 4.

Version 4.0.1 also has a new RPC called getprotocolvotes that produces the following output:

“2.0” : {
“blocks” : 1562,
“block_percentage” : 78.1,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”
“4.0” : {
“blocks” : 438,
“block_percentage” : 21.9,
“switch_to_date_time” : “”

This RPC will tell us exactly when the switch time will be after protocol 4 votes exceed 90%. It was developed solely by Eleven, who just joined us as a developer. Congratulations to @Eleven for getting your first code to the production environment! That was quick!

Download B&C Exchange 4.0.1 for Windows

Download B&C Exchange 4.0.1 for Linux

An OS X build will be published soon.

Finally, it is important everyone make the effort to upgrade. A delay in achieving a 90% vote for the new protocol will produce the same delay in the network’s ability to use the reputation system to vote for and reward reputed signers. Let’s move quickly.


I’ve just upgraded to v4.0.1. Nice job @Eleven and team on the recent development progress for B&C Exchange.


Is this a problem? v4.0 was released 2 weeks ago and we’re only at 21.9%?

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I concur.

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Yes. Protocol switch date is not set until we reach 90%. So getting the message out there that Minter’s upgrade is important. Thanks to the getprotocolvotes RPC it’ll be easier to track which way the vote trend is going.

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Compiled on RPi 2. New client is working.

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Awesome –

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Just upgraded.

@JordanLee, maybe you’d like to temporarily alter the title on the B&C Bitcointalk thread to mention this release?

I also compiled the src on a pi2.
getprotocolvotes seems to work fine.
However getinfo seems to return with

“version” : “v4.0.0-unk-beta”

where i would ve expected v4.0.1

well that sucks, I just upgraded my Pi2 last week to 4.0.0 and now I’m going away for 3 weeks so I won’t be able to upgrade until I am back. What’s the defect? Should I shut down the Pi because that’s all I could do for now?

I’l upgrade tommorow! Well done @Eleven

That was overlooked. My fault. As long as you’re using the 4.0.1 branch you should be fine.

I posted about this upgrade on the Bitcointalk thread since nobody else did yet…


any checksum available?
it seems nobody except me is asking for that.


We’re up to 33.45% of minters upgraded. Let’s keep the momentum going to version 4.0.1!


39.80% today. Still need more minters to switch to the latest version 4.0.1.

Have all buyers been contacted on Bitmessage about the upgrade? I’m not sure if people are still monitoring that, but it might help. They need to be told to regularly monitor the thread and this forum for client updates.

Isn’t it possible to broadcast the upgrade notification through the BCE client?
I mean, everybody who’s minting has it running.
With e.g. a headless RaPi and no GUI, they find it in the errors section of the getinfo RPC, which they should check from time to time (because of block height etc.).


I think the idea was to use datafeeds for that: