Life is Strange - My 2015 Game of the Year

Hey guys, I don’t usually make off-topic threads, but I wanted to make an exception for this because of how important this was to me. I recently came across a game that’s been winning awards called Life is Strange and I really wanted to recommend it to all of you here. First of all, this is not your typical game. It’s not about shooting people and blowing things up. The game is mainly focused on telling a great story through 5 different episodes, which are about 2-3 hours each. The gameplay is based on the choices that you make, meaning that the storyline and the way the characters feel about and behave around you will change depending on how you play the game. Here is a quick story synopsis…

I’m recommending this game to everyone here because I want you all to have the same experience that I did while playing it. I’m going to be completely honest here. I don’t believe I’ve ever come across anything that has ever affected me more powerfully and emotionally than this game. Other games, TV shows and movies have affected me yes, but never on a level like this before. I mean, it’s been over 2 months since I finished it and I’m still thinking about what happened. I thought maybe it was just me, but I found that many other people who played it have had a similar experience. The main thing about this game is that it gets you so emotionally attached to the two main characters. You end up really caring about Max and Chloe and what happens to them. Some of the major choices you have to make will tear your heart out. There were multiple times while playing that I was faced with an impossible choice and I just sat there in disbelief trying to figure out what to do. :open_mouth:

I’ve played a lot of games and I honestly think this might be the best game I’ve ever played and I truly hope they make more like it. It’s true that the graphics might not look the best, but the story and emotional connection with the characters more than make up for that, at least in my opinion. The 1st and 2nd episode are great, but I think where it really starts getting good is episode 3, so make sure to give it enough time for the story to get good. It’s available for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and One. Obviously it looks better on newer consoles. The complete season only cost me about $20 on PS4, so it’s pretty cheap. It’s only available for digital download though for now. I believe a physical copy of the game will be released later this January.

If I had to give any tips on playing, the main one would be this: DON’T rush through it. This game rewards exploration. There’s a lot of things and story tidbits that you will completely miss out on if you’re really goal oriented and only do what’s required. I would always walk around and look at everything, which helps you learn things about the story. Also, please don’t look up the game on YouTube. There are Let’s Play videos, but this is a game based on choice and I’ve found that it’s not nearly as powerful if you’re just watching somebody else play. You need to be the one making the decisions. You also risk spoiling the game by looking on youtube, since people put spoilers right in the thumbnails and video titles. Here are a couple trailers to give you an idea of what it’s like, but I need to say that the actual game is much better than what is presented in these videos…

Here is a fan made cinematic trailer which gives off a little more story info, but it may include some mild spoilers, so I’d only recommend watching it if the first video didn’t convince you…

Anyway, if any of you are going to try it out, please let me know here and tell us what you thought! :smile:


Currently on sale at Steam!

I’m a big fan of interactive movie games and I was very happy that Life is Strange was published for PC.

Have you played Heavy Rain? If you love Life is Strange, Heavy Rain will blow you away!
I rented a PS3 for a week to play it through. It was worth every penny.

I expected something more melancholic, sentimental or spiritual when I saw the title.

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Well if you like this kind of games, a PS4 with less than 1 BTC :stuck_out_tongue:
is the best choice in life :wink:

Yes, I’ve played all of the Quantic Dreams games, Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. I also played Until Dawn recently and The Walking Dead is my next game, as I heard that was good.

Actually, the game did have a bigger effect on me than making me bawl my eyes out, lol. I expanded a little more in a separate post on the game’s forum, but it made me realize that I’ve never had a connection with anybody that’s as deep as the one between the main characters. It made me long for something that I didn’t even realize I wanted at this stage in my life. It’s mainly because I’ve decided to focus my time on financial success rather than relationship building for now.

I know it may sound rather strange or even pathetic to say that a video game made me feel or realize things like this, but I would classify this as more than just a video game. It’s more like art to me, and you can get many different interpretations from the ending.

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It is art. It is an extention of movie, just like movie is an extention theatrical performance. Advancement of technology allows the “movie watcher” to play in the “movie”.

I rented a PS3 for that game as well. It was not 100% my thing.
To much ghost stuff :wink:

So it’s been a little bit since I posted this. I was just wondering if anybody here took the plunge and tried it out. What did you think?

Also, if you’re still not sure, look at all the awards it has won so far with more on the way…

Definitely not as “interactive” as the titles mentioned previously, but I played this through in ~ 5 hours straight.

Worth. It.

It seems as though Life is Strange has set the bar so high for my expectations that I’ve enjoyed other games a lot less. I played Until Dawn and while it was a fun and enjoyable, the characters lacked depth, but I guess that’s to be expected from a horror game. I also recently played season 1 of The Walking Dead. That comes a lot closer to the level of character depth and emotion, but I still feel LiS blows it away. Games are really going to need to step it up in the character building department in the future to compete. I’m really hoping they make a season 2 of LiS, but I think they said if they did it would feature a different cast of characters, setting and story.

@willy, I finally got around to playing this game you mentioned and it was great. I got hooked after all the crazy stuff started happening and finished it in one sitting last night. I’m glad games are starting to take on more adult themed stories. The flawed characters also made it feel more realistic.

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