KISS principle applied to Nu

While reading some posts I saw this:

I think they should call “parking” something else. I bet most dummies
like me don’t even realize we can make money with it, until we take
time to figure out what it is.

The Nu brainiacs should have called parking something different, like
Nu Certificates of Deposit, or at least Nu Deposits, or something folks
would recognize as familiar.

“Parking” is for cars - takes too much reading and thinking for most
folks to understand that it’s something we already know as CD’s.


A user (Ssvcs) was talking about the “parking” feature of NuBits and how it’s not that straight foward and not intuitive to figure it out, use or even guess its functionality.

Wouldn’t it be easier for tech non savvy newbies in general using simpler terms for Nu stuff (like: “blockchain deposit” or “blockchain savings” or “Nu loan”)?

Shouldn’t we try to use more user friendly terms and words to get new people to join and enjoy the project?

Shouldn’t we use the KISS principle as a philosophy for this project?

More situations like that (in the future):

US-NBT could be = NBU

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I agree the term “parking” may not reveal what it is as well as other designations. @Financisto perhaps you could come up with some alternatives and present them in a poll to quickly gauge their popularity.

Your currency abbreviations also have some appeal to me. What do others think?

Like this too.

Not sure about that. NBT has some brand recognition which you throw away with ‘unknown’ names like NBU, NBC etc.




For everything else related to Nu that’s yet to come I suggest that we should “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” because “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. :wink: