Jeremy Gardner of Augur mentions NuBits

“An important sidenote, however: I don’t think anyone that has closely examined our system truly believes that floating cryptocurrencies (i.e. bitcoin or ether) will be the primary tools for casting predictions on our system. Unless the prediction’s expiration occurs in a matter of days, no one, except the most bullish of blockchainers, would want to compound the risk of the prediction their making with the volatility of a floating crypto. Instead, we expect the primary means of wagering to be with stablecoins. There are several Ethereum-based implementations underway, but current stablecoins (under a very loose interpretation) can be seen as Tether or NuBits.

From the interview at DigiNomics:


good catch and not negative for nubits.

EDIT: i feel it is a sign that people are realizing the fact that you cannot conduct commerce with a non stable coin…
NuBits is the best stable coin by far. So.

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Could an Ethereum-based implementation outperform us quickly as they might have deeper pockets or better access to more money and way more public perception?

We must be in perpetual self improvement process (kaizen) I believe.
So if e-dollar or similar pegged cryptos based on Ethereum display good features, they need to be seriously examined.

To answer your question, my feeling is that Ethereum is trying to do too many things at the same, so they are unlikely to outperform Nu on the front of stable crypto-currencies.

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I spoke with Jeremy a month or two ago and he suggested that NBT could be added to Augur once/if sidechains are created, same as Bitcoin. Augur is definitely aware of us and the success we’ve had.

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That’s great. Stay on this, I believe Augur could be the KillerApp for NuBits.