Issue with inputting address into NuBits Wallet

Hi all i have come here for a little help. I am brand new to the forum please be kind.
I have some nubits held in my nubits wallet and am trying to send some out (sell). I can’t work out why when i imput the address to send the app truncates the address?

Any help would be appreciated.

The app is 5.2.0 beta

Welcome, @possum. A screenshot of the truncated address would be helpful to understand where it the problem occurs. As workaround, can you add the address in the Address Book and try sending that way?

Thanks, i worked it out. Just as well as i can’t open the nubits app as my antivirus is telling me the app is infected and refusing to allow it to be opened.

Which antivirus is that? Latest NuBits Wallet for Windows?