Is there any Peershares template (not NuBits) that one can use?

I am interested in using the Peershares template for motions-based voting and dividend distribution.
I am not necessarily interested in the custodial grant feature.
How do I easily customize this in
and get the right QT wallet too?

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7 Cool Decentralized Apps Being Built on Ethereum

I would be interested in raising funds and creating a peershare based tweeter or remit app?
Does it make sense money wise?

I best I could find is this discussion:

folks at peercoin are thinking of a simpler assets protocol:

I am presenting a draft for quite simple protocol which will enable issuing and transacting with assets on top of Peercoin blockchain, however this is not the only possible feature of this protocol as I have explained in the paper.
I am looking forward to hear feedback from community so we can discuss and plan on what comes next.

What would be the pros of issuing assets on top of Peercoin blockchain vs building another independent blockchain dedicated to the asset? perhaps generating a frenzy of speculators to get the price of PPC pumped?

It is the same as the assets in omni and counterparty that use the BTC blockchain. You can very easily create a coin-asset that take advantage of PPC’s blockchain minting and security. No need to create and maintain a new blockchain :wink:

assets based on omni based on bitcoin.
assets based on counterparty based on bitcoin.

Is it being used with real world business applications with real world business value?


I know about 3 ambitious startups: