Is there an issue with Nu blockchain?

I just noticed that the last block is quite a while ago in my client.
Can someone please confirm what I’m seeing? My other clients are still working on the same server and the internet still seems to be alive from my point of view.

Last block is 1351194. Just noticed that 1351195 is created, but there is an hour between those two blocks!

Am I on a fork?
Edit: NuExplorer seem to be ahead of me now, but also shows a very low block rate in last few hours.

Edit: confirm that I ended up on my own fork just an hour ago with three of my own blocks in a row.
Edit2: going back to an older blockchain and syncing again. Stopped minting.

I run v3.0.1-beta.
I am at 1351260 block .

"version" : "v5.0.1-3-g71d5d20-beta",
"blocks" : 1351229,

Thanks both for your reply. Have reloaded a recent blockchain which got me out of my own fork. Minting again but with 8/9 blocks being rejected as we have seen when we upgraded to v4. I have been on v5 since it was released. Hope it settles back to normality again soon.