Is the Nu ecosystem a DAC?

I’ve often heard the term “distributed autonomous corporation tossed” (DAC) around, but have never been able to touch one or recognize one in the wild. As such, my perception on what a DAC may be incorrect/skewed. The way I see it, Nu has the following properties:

  • it provides a service, Nubits.
  • it allows people to hold shares, Nushares.
    • shares can be used to make decisions that influence the manner in which the corporation is operated
  • pays dividends

Also, is Peershares somehow related to Nu? I’ve heard this, but struggled to find much about Peershares.

yes, and yes

nu, the first operational peershare blockchain, aka DAC, was forked from peershares

Here are some links to start reading about Peershares: and
There is also a video link on

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