Is the current volume 'real'?

Good luck KTM! Thank you for all the work you’re doing!

Still stable. I’ve upgrade CCEDK’s bots to the latest version and restarted them. I will watch all of the markets for a while to make sure that they are behaving as expected.

Thank you @desrever for working with me to get these updates in place.


Huge thanks to both @desrever and @KTm for working tirelessly to overcome these issues!

Holding my fingers crossed. I use Expert Advisors (EAs) also called robots in MetaTrader environment where you can test most of the EAs endlessly with quite a satisfactory degree of approprietness, but there are trading strategies that can be only tested through real-time trading (called forward testing, in opposition to back testing). With MT4, or Forex in general you have the opportunity to forward test the EA on a demo account, so you’re not risking any real money. The results on a demo and on a real account can still vary though, so there is actually no way to know if the robot works or not other that doing live trading on real money. With NuBot non of the above can be done except live trading with real money :smile:

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crossing finger and running tests.

Thank you all for your support. It has been a successful launch and we will keep it that way.

Fantastic dedication for success shown here! My hats off to you all :slight_smile:

so is the volume today on bter actually real now?

I was about to say, “yes,” but noticed that self-buys were back.

@desrever and I had a long discuss this morning about additional ways to modify the bot’s logic so that it double and triple checks that the walls are clear before putting up others. Suffice to say, there are a bunch of different reasons why it would get confused (timing, API response, network lag, etc.) so I believe that we eliminated a bunch of them yesterday in the update, but still have more to triage today.

We’ll get them all… it’s not just an exact science :frowning:

More bad news, from Peercointalk chat:

[quote]hmmm the walls at ccedk has not moved since yesterday: 0.95229008 vs 0.95610687

if ppcusd drops below parity and the price is still unmoved at 0.95610687 then it is time to do some arbitrage…[/quote]

Shareholders are financially impacted as value is lost to frozen walls and bot collision fees. KTm’s original grant proposal outlined operations on USD pairs, which do not have these risks.

We may need to consider pulling the non-USD bots offline as we assess the damage and patch the bot software. Do we have an idea of the fees that have been incurred by running the current bot logic?


No, but once we’re at a spot where we can evaluate the fees we’ll work with the custodians to figure it out and let the community know.

Updated NuBot build has been deployed. We’re going to keep an eye on things, but from about 9:40 PM Eastern on, we’re crossing fingers that NuBot will find its own buy wall less appetizing.

Thumbs up for all your commitment to this Nu experiment and to improve the NuBot!
And I’m glad there is some sense for tongue-in-cheek comments about NuBot’s appetite left :wink:

Thanks for the support. We are working around the clock, isolating one issue at the time. We are left with only a couple of problems that depends on the exchanges and we are currently working to make our bot deal with exchanges problems correctly. I feel we are getting closer, and I can’t stop repeating that this is necessary now,to prevent this from happening again in the future .

Some things just can’t be simulated in a sand box and need to be tested in the wild. Like @thExit explained with the Forex demo accounts: one might be able to test a lot of things. But the final debugging and tweaking needs to be done in the real world.

I’m impressed how well the NuBot runs considering its time in the wild!

It seems that we spotted and killed the root cause of collisions. Now we are left with another problem that cause the bot to freeze from time to time. Investigating it and working hard . Almost there, bear with us :bear:


The bot was eating ice cream too fast which has been identified as the cause of the freezing issue. We will be teaching the bot how to eat slowly. :icecream:


The bot is still a toddler and needs to learn some things and gain experience.
It’s no secret for most of us that eating ice cream too fast can lead to a brain freeze.
…for others it’s a secret that needs to be revealed :wink:

A lot of people involved at this stage of Nu network life will agree that “experimental” is a good adjective to describe what is being done here. I’m not surprised (not that I anticipated it to happen) that there are some problems with the bot, I’m not surprised as it can only be tested in real battle (maybe there might be some tests done on small scale earlier, but this would not necessarily reveal the problems).

I’ve got experience in the sterile environment of MQL language, where I don’t have to deal with external factors like here with the exchanges, yet after programming a Forex EA (Expert Advisor aka robot) it sometimes takes a month or two or more of demo testing before the market throws at me (or rather at the EA) certain conditions that haven’t come up earlier in the tests, and I have to deal with that as well. Forex robot testing takes a long time, first backtesting, then forward demo account testing, then forward live account testing on small capital, then steadily increase capital but still demo test for various conditions. The NuBot is somewhat a different deal as it has a different function than Forex EAs which need to trade for profit, NuBot’s objectives and the whole mechanism is different, but still it’s a piece of code that needs to do what is required.

You’re heroes, hats off for your great work!

Looks like the reported volume is falling back to reality!

Yesterday I committed a bug fix that should hopefully prevent the bot from freezing again. Let’s see how the stability goes from now on. I don’t exclude that a misbehaviour can happen again, but I believe that now its much more controlled.

Thank you everyone