Is the current volume 'real'?

weekly update @ NuBot releases

Thank you for the update as well as all your hard work @desrever !

So is the recent volume real? $400,000 in the last 24hrs

it is. A few players are making big buys and big sells


10-18 23:04:53Buy0.002557 29883.57576.4123
10-18 22:16:00Sell0.002571 29774.42876.5501
10-18 22:13:21Buy0.002567 0.0440.0001
10-18 21:44:53Buy0.002564 6.6270.0170
10-18 21:37:11Buy0.002557 29828.11976.2705
10-18 21:21:49Sell0.002559 29858.58176.4081

Can’t be real can it? @ BTER… Bots fighting again?

As far as we can tell, it is real.

Wow… well it’s definitely good if it is!

What I’d like to know then is how many people are buying NBT and doing things with them, parking them, sending them to non exchange wallets, that sort of thing. The volume is good but meaningless if it’s just (non Nu) bots trading for small bits of profit.

That’s all these high-volume trades seem to be. The sets of sell/buy pairs are close together in price, time, and volume. I think someone is trying to trade in anticipation of the expected wall adjustments.

If the bot were self-trading, the volume would probably match the size of one of the walls, which this doesn’t. It seems that the bot is operating as intended.