Is Nu a company or a piece of code?

Colu is a company that makes use of the blockchain technology to cut “the middle man”, but invested by traditional VCs.

Why is Nu not invested by VCs?

As far as I know it is. Remember, Jordan obtained half a million in funding to build Peershares and Nu. This person (or people) are most likely shareholders.

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A more accurate term would be “project”, since there is no national association with any one country, no employees (only contributors), and no detailed financial statements.

DAC/DAO was invented as a term for the hybrid between network and corporation: . Some DAC’s have legal entities behind them, such as Bitshares (for-profit) and Ethereum (non-profit), while others have not.

Well there are dividends and shares. So to, Nu is more than a project, it is a DAC/DAO as alluded by @benjyz .

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Is Nu for profit? and can it have a legal entity backing it?