Is it possible to move pre-downloaded Nu blockchain to another computer?

I am trying to set up a raspberry pi for minting, and the download process for the blockchain is taking forever. I already have it downloaded on my home computer; is it possible for me to transfer that over to the Pi, so I don’t have to wait days for it to download again?

I do that all the time. copy blk* walletS.dat database/log* nu.conf, set files readable only by owner. you can copy addr.dat too. but it’s not mandatory.

I thought this was introduced recently, or not introduced yet … Am I wrong (cc @CoinGame) ?

I’m not sure to be honest. It’s been a while since I’ve tested it. I think there’s issues with doing it across platforms because of differences in file systems, but from Linux-to-Linux I don’t think there’s an issue. It should just be a simple copy/paste of the data dir.

I remember at some point proposing offering a bootstrap.dat over torrent , and I wanted to get it added to the tutorial on . Then someone stopped me, I thought it was you.

Sorry, I must have done some confusion, can’t find the thread so was probably in a chat.

Nu doesn’t support the boostrapping file. It was introduced in Bitcoin well after Peercoin forked. Nu and Peercoin are really behind on the Bitcoin developments.

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Nu 2.1 will support the bootstrapping file.


Anyway transfering between win 32bit and raspi works.