Is B&C blockchain dead?

I wonder how many miners left. @Phoenix @Cybnate

Still there :slight_smile:

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what are the nodes to be added to config? is updated every hour or so with the boxes seen by the block explorer

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I see this message, a problem?

Try adding to your conf file then restart your client.
The domain has multiple A records, each pointing to an IP address that should have an active BC node. The records get updated every hour or so by the block explorer.
Currently the A records look like this:

ANSWER SECTION: 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A 1    IN      A

Using is a shortcut instead of adding each on the IPs separately.

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Which port is used for B&C? TCP 2239 ? I have to port forward it in my router, is it correct?