Is anyone else having trouble with NSR/NBT on BTER?

I’ve made a deposit there. The transaction does not show up in my account. They are not answering any support requests through their ticket system or email. I’ve seen at least one other person make a post about having trouble? Something is very wrong.

They’re on the wrong fork. Don’t send money to Bter. I wonder if that’s why our mint rate has gone down. I also have submitted a ticket, I got a response saying they’re reviewing it.

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Oh, my ticket from Thursday is still unresponded to.
I made a follow-up reply in the ticket. Still nothing.

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Well this is really unfortunate.

How many emails did we send them and they still haven’t upgraded? These are basic things an exchange should be keeping track of.

So, it’s just a matter of them figuring it out, updating, then paying back all withdrawals since the fork, then process the deposits? It’s not like they lost everyone’s money right?

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Bter had multiple problems and continues with issues with multiple currencies. Just switch to CCEDK

ccedk doesn’t have a btc/usd market like bter has a btc/cny market. There’s only 47 USD on the BTC/USD market on ccedk.

I can only hope all deposits will be made eventually…What about Polo? Have they officially upgraded?

check also cryptsy. it is a serious exchange unhackable (so far)
liquidity is growing

I have finally received a message from their support team indicating that they will have a developer look at the issue. So, sort of good news.

Are you kidding me? Cryptsy? Serious exchange and unhackable? LOL that exchange is nothing but trouble. Most are, everyone should avoid exchanges the most they can and when eventually someone has to use one you suggest cryptsy? That exchange had countless issues in the past, anyone who can do a quick search knows that. Unhackable so far… outright lie. I’m outraged.


Some update:
1h ago: “Our dev team are working on it. We will fix it soon” -

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i never had any problem with cryptsy! only in 2 exchanges i have lost BTC, in mtgox and in bter.
at least bter is trying to pay back the lost btc out of their trading fees! i respect that.

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What do you use right now to trade NSR?

cryptsy and poloniex (bigger liquidity)

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they say there dev team have updating there NU client . still waiting…

They may have to re-sync the entire blockchain if they were on their own fork, which could take a while. I’m waiting as well.

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NSR nose dive incoming?
Maybe I shouldn’t give the NBT (once they arrive) over to ALP operation, but to buying cheap NSR instead?

Btw. - I have received a reply to my support ticket indicating that they are working on it.

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Looks like this is resolved. Everything is showing up properly in my balance.