Introduction to NuBits video is now live on

As the title states, we now have our animated introduction video live on! Click the blue “What is NuBits” button by the logo to activate it. It is an approximately three-minute long video that introduces viewers to the basics of the Nu network. The video has a 85-90% focus on NuBits, with a small section on NuShares to illustrate in a simple way how price stability is maintained.

Our video will be an effective tool to show someone the benefits of using NuBits. As such, it will be a significant piece of marketing collateral for the next stage of our marketing plan. Language translations are available in Chinese, Dutch, and English.

The final product is the result of the hard work of a number of creative professionals, including Overkill (Motion Graphics), Nick Standing (Audio Production & Design), Sheila M. Gagne (Narration) and our Nu project team.

For best results, set the YouTube resolution to 1080p, open up full-screen mode, and plug in some headphones.

We hope you enjoy the video.


We are looking to translate the video into as many languages as possible. If you are interested in translating the video to a language we haven’t yet featured, please send an email to

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…nothing more to say…

WOW, this is so much better than I expected! The video is like: “Hello world, here we are!” Excellent work team, bravo! :smiley:

Oh, and I also love the narraration. She just sounds so excited and hopeful!

Excellent! Great job!
about translation, are you going to put the subs in transifex?

Takes the Peercoin video and ups it about 10 notches. I’m honestly impressed.

Why are comments disabled on the video? Are you expecting spam from Bitshares people? I just think it can look a little suspicious, like we have something to hide. Usually if I see disabled comments, I think twice about what I’m seeing in the video.

The diplomatic answer is that certain communities have much larger populations, and that certain communities have a higher proportion of aggressive members willing to post anything they can (including outright accusations of fraud, in Dan Larimer’s case) to hurt our brand. We’ve seen those tactics across many channels lately.

Posting the video without comments gives it a chance to be viewed as we intended, free from external bias. It’s very clear in our video description (and video itself) that anyone is welcome to come to our forum or website to ask questions and learn more.


I think NuBit’s success will speak for itself, especially overtime. In the meantime I find it very refreshing to not have to defend ourselves from sore losers. I think it was the right choice.

Seki has kindly agreed to do a Greek translation for us. As I mentioned to him in email, I will send a document with the existing English script, along with a column for the translation. All a prospective translator would need to do is spend five minutes filling it out, at which point I would take care of the rest in uploading the subtitles to YouTube.

I guess so. Rather than people going immediately to the comments, they’re directed to the main website at the end of the video.

Very nice.
There is a lot of info presented to first-timers in a short time. It would be nice to have a version with built-in English subtile, before translated versions catch up.

If you click “CC” on YouTube, you will see English subtitles.

Thanks for the tip.

Update: We have volunteers translating for Greek, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish now. Thank you to our volunteers.

The video is fantastic, great work @tomjoad.
An essential first view for introducing the idea of NuBits to Nuoobs

Thats GREAT !

I’d like to translate it to Arabic.

Tomjoad, do you know if we’re still going to be able to use those shortened links, or did you decide against it?