Introduce yourself to the community

Here is your chance to introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself.

There is no prescribed format. Just tell us what you feel comfortable with sharing with this community. Tell us about why you joined, what you you are looking for, what you would bring to this community. Or just say Hello to all of us.

Oh, almost forget about introducing myself :slight_smile:

I’m Cybnate, some might know me from the Peercoin community where I have the same alias. I’m taking a similar role as with Peercoin which I still continue to do. That means that you will find me around answering your questions in this forum as good as I can, joining discussions and raising new topics every now and then. Also aiming to play a role in Marketing (supporting @David) and trying to secure funding for other interesting proposals for the community.

On a personal note, I’m living in a GMT+12 timezone, so you may find me online at unusual times if you live in Europe or America. I’m keen to bring cryptocoins in to the mainstream as I firmly believe that we need to get rid of our ancient payment system driven by nations with agendas which are not always in the best interest of the world community. My objective would be to support a good alternative. I think NuBits is the first generation of a truly usable secure digital currency, not just a tradeable digital commodity. Happy to discuss your views under another topic.

See you in the forums :wink:

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Hi there,
I’m desrever, software engineer with deep curiosity. I worked in the crypto space for three years now on different project with different aliases. I’m honoured to be in the NuTeam to contribute to this awesome project surrounded by very smart people.

I’m currently responsible for NuBot, an automatic trading tool for helping custodians with their daily tasks. I’m also developing a json webservice to provide data about nunetwork to third parties.

I tend to write impulsively in the forum, so bear with me if sometimes my words do not make any sense. I live in Europe and can’t wait to see this Nu thing growing on the community as it grew on me!



Hey there,

I go by Yurizhai. I was first introduced to cryptocurrency in the summer of 2012, where I experimented with mining my first Bitcoins. Interest waned, and I largely forgot about it until a beautiful winter night in late February of 2013, when a friend of mine casually mentioned Bitcoin had reached $60. Of course it spiraled out of control and soared to over $200 in April, and I swore to myself I’d never let an opportunity like that slip by me again.

I started looking into cryptocurrencies again, and discovered Peercoin (PPCoin!), I quickly became a devoted follower. Since then, I’ve been a loyal Peercoin foot soldier waging war for the glory of Peercoin on such battlefields as Bitcointalk, Reddit, Peercointalk, and among friends in my personal life.

Cryptocurrency and the people I’ve met at Peercointalk have brought a great deal of happiness and hope to my life. I think the NuBits community can expect that same level of loyalty from me here too. I can’t wait to see how the world reacts to NuBits, and what exciting things come forth when it does. I’m really happy to be here.



Hey guys,

I go by Hibero on most of my internet accounts. I am a recent grad and have just started my career as an Electrical Engineer. My first taste of cryptocurrencies was in the Bitcoin rise of April 2013. I had heard of it a few times before that but had only seen the bad publicity. Within a month of getting into the crypto scene I noticed Peercoin or PPCoin ( I don’t miss that name). I was amazed by the coin’s long-term strategy and the great fundamentals it seemed to have. I have been following it ever since and invested as much as I could as a college student. Now that I am finally starting my career, I hope to be investing a lot more in the crypto world.
So far I have done some work with graphic design, html, php, css, and recently Reddit advertising in the Peercoin space. I haven’t really got to use much of my electrical engineering skills but I find the amount of time I get to spend on side projects has been quite sporadic due to the demands of my career.

Anyway, can’t wait to get to know some of you guys better!



Greetings. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I’m not dreaming. For me crypto is the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all very lucky to witness the cryptorevolution.

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Hello everyone. Same username as on the peercoin forums, happy to be here. University faculty member, entrepreneur, investor. Mostly a forum/reddit lurker, although I did write the initial script for the Peercoin conference presentation. Bought my first Bitcoins in June 2011 and have been following the space ever since. In the last year I have become very interested in Bitcoin 2.0 and exchanges in particular. I have researched Bitshares very thoroughly and am quite skeptical. I am still reading the NuBits whitepaper, but am already impressed by the high-level of professionalism displayed by the developer team.


Hello everyone,

I know most of you from peercointalk, and you probably know me form that same forum and via my Peerbox project.

I’m happy to participate with NuNet and to see all of you here.
I hope this will bring Peercoin and surounding project to the headlights, where they deserve to be due to quality and proffesionalism.


Just wanted to step by and give you a friendly reminder. Don’t forget to bring your towel.


Hi, I’m Ben. You may know me from hard-hitting and award-winning posts on PeercoinTalk and /r/Peercoin such as:

…and far too many other comments on a variety of topics :smile: To my friends and family, I speak a strange dialect of “tech geek”. I’m a digital asset evangelist, and love to develop relationships with others who are interested in the space. On a list of “careers I want to have when I grow up,” I would pick “Venture Altruist”.

I’m “Ben” on the PeercoinTalk forums, “Mtinie” on Reddit and BitcoinTalk (and other less-frequented crypto sites).

I’ve been involved with Jordan Lee’s Peershares and Nu projects since February of 2014, after actively following his work on PeercoinTalk. In June of 2014 I moved from supporting the projects part-time to making it my full-time gig. My IT background is in software design for Enterprise finance and project management software, but my original area of study was architecture and graphic design.

On the Nu development team, I try to fill lot of roles, but for the most part you’ll find me focused on building out the infrastructure for the network (these forums, testnet services, blogs, analytics, and a few other up and coming projects soon to be revealed), working on business development and partnership agreements to bring exchanges and other service providers onboard with Nu, and then as an occasional front-end design-eloper.

I enjoy making things (with a heavy focus on interweaving art and technology).

I live in the United States (right outside Washington, D.C., in Northern Virginia), but my heart and mind are found in the block chain. Let’s meet up some time if you are in the area!


Hello everyone, I’m Kiara Tamm. I like finance and technology, and Nu is a grand intersection of the two.

I believe in the vision that Jordan Lee has put forward and will use all of my skills, knowledge, and experience to promote the network.



Hi y’all,

I became interested in bitcoin in mid-2013 as an alternative to the fiat/debt financial system. I don’t mine or trade coins but would describe myself as a crypto-currency enthusiast and small investor (it can be hair-raising at times, but so much more fun than a building society).

After visiting the websites of various coins, I decided that Peercoin was the one for me, and I joined peercointalk in December 2013. It has been a steep learning curve, but I have spent many a happy hour there.

I am thrilled to be here with you all at Nu and look forward to contributing to the future of NuBits.

I live in the United Kingdom and work in the sports and betting industry


Hey all, I’m biophil from the BitShares and MemoryCoin communities. Glad to see a newcomer to the market-pegged asset space! I’ll be very interested to see where this goes.



Hey everyone, I’m Sentinelrv. I joined the Peercoin community back in early 2013. I’m responsible for having the Peercoin logo designed, as well as Peerunity, Peershares, Peerbox and Primecoin. I also work on different community projects and manage Peercoin’s social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+. I also push news to Reddit and BitcoinTalk.

As for NuBits, this is a revolutionary concept, the idea of splitting the currency units from the shares. The entire system is very advanced and I can’t wait to see everything take shape. The future looks bright for both NuBits and Peercoin if this works as intended.


Howdy, I’m Bitcoin, although I normally go by ThatDandyMan on most sites. I personally was never an adopter of Peercoin but I see a great future ahead of NuBits. The volatility problem has always been an issue and I believe that NuBits will be widely adopted.


Hey everyone, I go by FoulOwl on pretty much all forums except bitcointalk my username is bitcoinanon. I have been involved with bitcoins since the beginning of 2013. I was introduced to it by my wife actually a year prior but never took the time to really educate myself. Needless to say we are now enthralled and attempting are own start-ups and creations, contributing to community as much as we can. We try to discuss all of the recent updates with peercoin and its developments like NuBits in our internet radio show @InfectWord or We are excited to learn more about the crypto-assets market and how NuBits will shape it. I really love this Forum design. It is very inviting. Great work guys. Can we tip in this forum?


Greetings from California, USA! Coin dump or not I am here with NuBits to stay. I appreciate all the hard work everyone on the dev team has put into NuBits.



I don’t know if there’s a way to tip on discourse like people can on reddit. That would be something interesting to explore.

Hi all,

I’m Noch (Thai student living in China) studying in Computer engineering. Last year, I put most of my money to buy miners and the only coin I mined was PPC.

I have some idea to improve Nubits but I don’t think it is appropriate to post here.



Hi there.
I am cryptog from Tokyo.
You can find me as cryptog1 on peercointalk.
I am a true believer in cryptos as a game changer in finance and money.
I am excited about nubits but I would have a lot of questions.