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Now you have nothing to fear. Redownload, reinstall, all that stuff. Try deleting blk001.dat



I’m an IT engineer from Germany and completly new to NuBits and NuShares. This project looks really interesting and promising. In my spare time I like to develop websites. At the moment I’m working on two blockchain explorers and Proof-of-Stake Pools for Peercoin and Emercoin.
Additionally, I’ve created a first version of a NuBits online wallet I’ll create a new thread for this one.


Hi I am a Nubit n00b, just installed the wallet last night and already made some transactions with ShafeShift, however I notice that the volume is pretty low. I would love to do this on a different and decentralized exchange.


Hi there. I am Abiky. Got interested into Nubits recently and decided to invest into it, especially NuShares. Looking forward to stay in this community.


No introduction needed here. I am Jordan Lee. I am a stubborn heretic denouncing faith in authority. Once there was faith in the King and the Pope. Today we know better. But do we really know better, or have we just placed the same naive faith in other authorities? I know better, and I won’t rest until every tongue confesses:

The only acceptable authority is a peer-to-peer one! (like our blockchain)

Are you Jordan Lee too?

(2nd Version - Expanded) My Interpretation of Jordan Lee's Liquidity Engine Model & Why its First Attempt at Pegging Failed

Hi there,

I am BusinessGuy, mainly because I I have nearly 20 years’business analysis experience. My last role was working for a startup building a saas based white labeled retail equity trading platform.Normally I get involved in valuation and risk but for this startup I designed the accounting module.

As a libertarian I am attracted to cryptocurrencies and any associated blockchain tech. I think we need trust more now than ever and blockchain gives us the chance to cut out the bs while cryptocurrencies offer a chance for cutting out the banks. I am not an engineer but maybe that’s a good thing as I can look at things from another angle. Cryptog invited me to join this forum which is great for me personally as it gives me the chance to see how Nu has evolved and the challenges faced. I hope I can make a positive contribution to your efforts in some way.


Hi there,

I’ve been following the Nu development for some time and I’m enjoying all recent blockchain and fintech evolution.

I think now is the time for pioneers, so here we are: Lets work to open and pave the way for the new generation!