Instant exchange accepting NBT & NSR. Way to include BKS?

Don’t know if I made a post in the past about it, but we’ve got an interesting instant crypto exchange accepting US-Nubits and NuShares for trade against BTC and other crypto.

It would be very interesting if we could (re)create a BlockShares market with them…


P.s. unfortunately I know they route their orders via Poloniex and other centralized exchanges, but we might think a way to overcome that limitation…

edit: @henry , You’re a smart guy and even came up with some very interesting idea of bonds/equities/ETF like stuff to further improve NuLagoon Tube in the past. Could you adapt that idea somehow in order to rebuild a decent market for BlockShares trading?


Thank you for the compliment.
Indeed, there are lots of things can be done, including to open a BlockShares market, only concern is if there is enough demand for it.


Maybe some test phase would be interesting in order to measure liquidity: adding the BKS/US-NBT pair first, then the BKS/BTC pair in the near future…

BTW Phoenix has some idea about a sort of ‘bonus’ for those adding BKS in their exchanges: