Infographic creation - input needed

We are going to be creating two separate infographics for use in our marketing efforts. I’d like to get a quick feel from our community what two topics would be most useful. Possible suggestions could be:

“Nu vs. Bitcoin”
“Nu vs. BitShares”
“A history of Nu” (first 120 days)
“Introducing Nu” (project specifics)


If you have a great idea for an infographic topic, or have an opinion on what content should be included in a popular selection, please let us know. Development of these infographics will begin in a couple days time.

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It’s my continued belief that we should focus on proving stability and usage, so I vote for starting with “A History of Nu (over the first 120 days)” and leaving the competitive discussions for later. My concern isn’t that it isn’t worth our time, but instead that our intended audience should not necessarily be early adopters who already know about Bitcoin and Bitshares, but the average consumer who has access to the Internet.


Depending on who you want to target with these infographics, the topic “NBT vs. Fiat” should also be addressed. Within the crypto community I think that newcomers are mostly interested in “Nu vs. Bitcoin” and “Introducing Nu”. The topic “Nu vs. BitShares”, although very interesting and relevant, might lead to unwanted controversies that could overshadow the actual message of the infographics. (just my opinion)


i fully agree with creon

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I added the comparison ones mostly for show. My preferences are to have one “history of Nu” one that reviews what is essentially our first year of history (going back to January/February 2014 when development began) and to have one “technical specs” one that shows all the technical details of our network (including elements of our “process map” on the website, as well as tech specs like block spacing times, minting rewards, voting requirements, etc.)

Introducing Nu.

Any other opinions? I’ll be starting work on these on Monday.

I think we should try to do a Nu vs Fiat. We need to emphasize the single largest advantage we have over other volatile cryptocoins known by many people, stability. I say ‘try’ as I’m not sure if we are already mature enough to actually go with this message to the wider community as other hoops still exist for the average consumer. But doing the marketing exercise might show us any weaknesses we need to focus on in next months/year.

Here are few spontaneous thoughts…
Are we ready to have merchants adopting NuBits? Can consumers easily obtain them? What is in it for the consumers? What is in it for the merchants? Do we need payment providers, ATMs, pre-paid cards or do we need to educate that the risks with NuBits are that low that they do no need to pay a third party to carry that risk. Can we have merchants having their own bots directly on the markets? Do we have the tooling merchants can use to integrate with their systems? Payment terminals, Apps integrated with shop backends etc.

Given most questions are not easy to answer we might just focus at non-competitive charts as is suggested by other in this thread.