Immediate mandatory upgrade for Nu and B&C Exchange

Nu release 2.0.2 and B&C Exchange release 3.0.1 have an adapted implementation of BIP 0066 as their only change from the prior release. This fixes a consensus bug.

Here are the downloads for NuBits:

Nu 2.0.2 for Linux

Nu 2.0.2 for Windows

Here are the downloads for B&C Exchange:

B&C Exchange 3.0.1 for Linux

B&C Exchange 3.0.1 for Windows

OS X builds are coming.


Would only a git pull on R-pi enough to update the source(for compiling)?

Does it imply that previous versions are vulnerable to the attack undergone by peercoin yesterday?

Updated downloads:
Reddit: Immediate mandatory upgrade for Nu and B&C Exchange

B&C Exchange
Updated downloads:


Everyone please note that the builds posted above are the release candidate builds that we tested with. Official release builds should be compiled and uploaded within a few hours. These will be exactly the same but without the ‘RC1’ tag. We wanted to go ahead and make something available to you guys.

No. Since we’re currently working on multiple versions, master is not the same as the version described here. You should git fetch origin and git checkout v2.0.2-RC1. Then you can build it and you’ll get the same version as mentioned above.

For BCExchanged it is v3.0.1-RC1 right?

Yes. Actually you can remove the -RC1, I just tagged the final releases. But they are exactly the same.

Here are the sha256sum of Nu 2.0.2-RC1:
And B&C 3.0.1-RC1:

I get this when compiling init.cpp of bcexchanged on raspian (also did an apt-get update and upgrade before compiling)

init.cpp:24:23: fatal error: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
makefile.unix:134: recipe for target ‘obj/init.o’ failed
make: *** [obj/init.o] Error 1

Any ETA for OS X builds? :apple:

You need libcurl4-openssl-dev or something similar from your distribution. But this is not new to this release.

Thanks. I must have compiled the last version on another pi

p.s. i am compiling following this

i guess NU and B&C are not hit by this attack just yet. Thus it is good to have the updates before that happens!
Many thanks to devs :slight_smile:


What was the nature of this attack?
And why peercoin and Nu and BCE did not implement that patch (that patch was created back in jan 2015 it seems). ?


Are the builds stable and ready to DL?

Yes. I just built the final binaries but they’re not on the website yet. They’re available here:


What if I cannot upgrade bcexchanged for 2 weeks and it is minting blocks? What implications does it have? What’s the threat, what’s the probability and what would be the consequences?
Basically, we could fork if someone attacks us. And the cat’s out of the bag now.