If You're Going to Invent a NuName it's Best to Register the Domain .com/.net/.org Before Posting it on the Forum

I see a lot of people posting unique names such as Nu(Fill In). Please, if you’re going to post these names, register the domains for them first. There are a lot of people watching these boards who will squat on important domain names if they get the chance. This has happened to Peercoin many times. If the name you come up with ends up getting used by the team, the domain may have already been taken before you think to register it.

And if you don’t have the money to register it yourself, maybe there is somebody that works on the NuBits team that would be willing to register it if you PM them. If so, who should we contact? It’s best to register different names that could possibly be used in the future, programs, services, etc… If you don’t, they certainly will.


I share your concerns about domain grabbers. But it will be hard to think of a Nu(something) name that has not already been registered some tie ago.
The second problem when registering domain names is the need to reveal the real name if you don’t know of name protection services.
It would be good to have nu.com to be able to be able to work with subdomains for nu.com. But unfortunately nu.com has first been registered in 1993:

Creation Date: 1993-04-02T00:00:00Z

And all other TLDs I’ve checked have everything with nu.something already registered…

That’s why I try to use ridiculous examples in my scenarios.

I’ve got a lot of the .nu domains that seemed relevant at the time, so if you have an idea that you think would benefit from a .nu address, let me know and I’ll check if I already bought it. In most cases, I was buying domains in expectation of someone coming up with a solution in the future, so if you’ve got something that works, I’m happy to give them away or sell them for a very low cost (like what I paid for them).