[Idea] The NuNode project

Another one from the commute… This is a rough idea I wanted to put on paper. Nothing sophisticated with data based evidence. More of a quick note.


The Number of full nodes is idling around 40 for at least 4 months now.


Run a funding campaign on the Nu forums.
Hold the funds in multi sig.
Pay the funds to people for a limited time to encourage them to run nodes.
Payout once a week or so.
Maybe give a bonus for hosting a node in certain regions to reach a geographicly distributed network. Our current nodes are mostly in the US and Europe.

-Promotion of Nu, possibly reaching NuPeople (hehe)
-more stable network nodes = more resilience

What needs to be done?

One would need to create a script that checks the availability of the nodes and calculates their weekly share, based on availability.
Registration is simple, have a site where you tie the an IP Address and port of a node to a payout address.
Verify the ownership by requiring the node to be bound to a random port.

Maybe start with 5 US-NBT per node per month and slowly decrease to 1/month or less.
Depends on the fund raise here.
This also imaginable to be done with funds requested via custodial grant.


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I like it, but probably best to cap number of nodes to say a target of 100 nodes with a bonus for areas which are under-represented, say Asia and Africa. We could advertise it with other networks who pay for their nodes and users can combine a Nu node with someone elses and in that way pay for their VPN or home server electricity costs.

What do you think is the cost/effort of the scripts, registering, verifying and paying?

I like it. it is similar to Dash’s masternodes without the need to keep a big amount
of coins in your “cold” wallet :slight_smile:
The zero coin full nodes in very cheap vps will be ok, i guess.


i have running 3 node

Not sure yet. I wanted to see the community reaction first before I made a detailed assessment what needs to be done.