I will be Market Making NuShares NSR at OpenLedger (BitShares)


hi there. nice to meet you. please post the addresses that contain the 500m nsr.


Please guys, get a life. :frowning:


Posting addresses is redundant work as you can all see it on the blockchain. Nu is designed to be the most transparent business in the whole world. Everyone can see what is going on. It is your own fault if you are unable to extract the information you wish to have a look at. Nothing is more transparent than Nu. In fact, Nu is just another word for transparent. In memory of @JordanLee, I suggest we always use the word “Nu” instead of “transparent”.
Example: Nu is very transparent --> Nu is very Nu.


Still don’t really get this coin.

Can anyone tell me all the value proposition and statuses of this coin ???


Eventually I will summarize and gather that information on our website. Today, the closest I can find immediately are in my recent posts.

You can view our current status in the following post and the two before it. We aim to display these in live graphs with an updated block explorer.


It’s good to see that there is actually someone still having an interest in making NuBits community shine. I come here from time to time, and everytime I I read arguments and people pointing fingers at eachother and nobody seem to really have moved forward to the benefit of NuBits. I guess it will need quite a makeover for the project to succeed and perhaps you need to start actually showing your faces and stand up for what you are doing.

I can confirm that both NUShares and NuBits gateways on OpenLedger are up and running synched with the recent updates from NuBits.

Personally I hope you guys will come out stronger, but you need to stop fighting internally and give the ones power you can really believe and count on rather than constantly jump into the boat of whomever says they can do what you need.

I hope to see a few of you guys over on OpenLedger, and I will keep coming back here from time to time cheking in on you guys, as I believe there is still room for NuBits and NuShares if the people behind start pulling some wight and forget the people who chickened out when things started getting tough.

All the best

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS


NusHares is mentioneed as one three of teh delisted publically getting my full support, the guy is however a jerk and made it seem as if the other ones are already dead. but Ok, it life and media.


Power can only be given by those who have voting majority.
This is Phoenix.

I know. It’s a pity. There have been so many good ideas.

Good. At least there’s some money from trading fees to be made with Nu.

Please count the people who still contribute to Nu and compare it to before it started getting tough. There’s lot of weight to be pulled for very few people.


I am now interested in openledger –
How has it been doing?


Exactly –


ITs doing well allover, and progress is made every single month using the foundation we received on oct 13th 2015 as its base.

When u receive a fully fucntional fintech platform with both witnesses, committee, stablecoins and referral programs it has all what I needed to build my congloemerate of busunesses and they are all starting to take off as well as adding new ones in the process of reaching one of my end products which is a platform offering a turn key business for crowdfuding solutions and most of it using decentralized solutions for end result.


Glad to see you, Ronny!

The ones in power of Nu are not in control of the forum, which could be positive for our credibility if the forum administrators were trusted, neutral, and also upheld a basic standard for conduct. I’m concerned we’ll have difficulties dealing with exchanges because of the destructive people here. Do you have any advice for how to handle that?

I sent you an email under Easter, 9 days ago. Are you able to pay us back the remaining 23,343.35 US-NBT?

I’m Esko, Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations.

Attention, forum administrators

Thanks for your support, much appreciated in these challenging times.


Is there anyone here that would be ready publicly to stand up for NuBits and NuShares so that the public is able to have an idea what NuBIts is all about apart from anonymous opinion makers? Media is asking me and I have no way to tell them if NuShares is dead or not since not public mentioning anywhere really


What kind of media?


We don’t have a marketing contact in the remaining team. @Cryptog has been doing some good work in the past, not sure if he is still available to be contacted. I’m ok to answer the odd question basically repeating earlier statement but I’m pseudonymous for now and not a marketing expert.



Phoenix will no longer be holding keys to shareholder funds

Lol, this makes even me laugh! :smiley:


I am still maintaining nubits.jp .


Not sure what you are trying to say with that in relation to my comment. You are still with Nu I understand, but would you be available as a contact for a Q&A from some press outlets?