I will be Market Making NuShares NSR at OpenLedger (BitShares)

I just bought in after the Polo dump and will be offering nice Ask Walls of NSR over at OpenLedger.

Please join me in holding some of your coins there.

The wallet should be re-activated after this weekend.

Good luck!


What’s your incentive and plan?

You smell like @JordanLee @Phoenix and its other personalities.

No idea who those people are
Incentive is to make money off the spread as I do with other markets I make! Also to support OpenLedger which I like as it is decentralized, at least for BTS based assets.


What s your id on openledger?

Who is going to buy your nsr?
I will instruct bidders to bid at a lower price if any, since the fair market price of nsr is null.

Hmm, is this guy a troll? Why are you bothering to post in my thread with silly questions that you can look up on Google? Confused.

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Don’t mind him, he thinks that everyone who joins this community is automatically a scammer who created many aliases etc. (or something like that…)

I think your request is fair, you told about your incentive as well, which seems logical.

I hope some of the holders join your efforts to represent NSR on OpenLedger.
For me personally the profits for spread game seem a bit too small for the work, but I do like that some people actually try to use OpenLedger as well as spread NSR as wide as we can.

Good luck to you and thanks for the efforts!

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I would also join the efforts in MM on openledger. But I think there is also a realistic change to convince Poloniex to keep NSR trading. Is there already a coordinated effort for providing liquidity and keeping relationships to the exchanges, btw?

What’s your incentive here?
You just created your account and legit ppl behind legit accounts will first introduce themselves.
You might be considered spam unless you dont provide credentials or a relevant self introduction

Hey crypto_coiner,

sure, I as I said in the other thread I am following NSR/NBT for quite some time and also been holding some since then.I am interested in attempts like NBT and BitUSD. Also bought more the dump. Happy to engage in non profit market making/ even at a loss to help NSR grow for the vision and for profit.

And great that you are looking out for the community, but my post was neither ranting nor spreading FUD.
Just tried to offer my view on things. If you have any other questions you also welcome to ask me via pm :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support, all.

I will post when wallet is active.

Also, is there a good “Overview” page for Nu? I don’t really understand what the whole ecosystem is about (as of recent 2017 status), and digging through forums isn’t helping.

If I like what I see, will plan on holding / buying…


@Cayrous @MasterLi @Tom

Hey @JordanLee / @Phoenix getting some activity going here? Really funny! :smiley:

Somebody is printing nsr out of thin air and tries to create a market so that there are real buyers.
Process: The same person is creating fake bidder accounts to pretend there is a healthy market – that attracts real bidders that use real money.

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You are talking complete nonsense. Nobody is printing NSR out of thin air. Any issuance of NSR is well-considered by the Chief of Liquidity Operations. NSR does indeed have a healthy market, and there is no need for any fake bidders. Several billions of NSR have changed hands during the last few days. While some might argue that the sale of so many NSR is an indication of pessimism in its value, I counter that for any NSR sold there was someone willing to buy it. NSR is as healthy today as it has never been before. The volume speaks volumes!

Superman and Mr Bean return from the dead along with a bunch of other new troll accounts brought to you by Jordan Lee.

God this place is such an embarrassment to crypto. I can’t believe I ever thought this was a serious investment. :grimacing:


Superman (Kal-El) was a bad boy.
I sent him to bed. No supper for him today.

Hello community,

it is now quite some time ago since Jordan left us :frowning: as you all know he was sitting in the Nubit-train when the brakes broke and the train derailed and crashed into a wall with an incredible speed. He didn’t have any chance and it still makes me very sad. I know it’s unrealistic, but sometimes I hope and dream that he simply comes back like a phoenix from the ashes. I know it won’t happen though. Despite all sorrow, life must go on.
And the good thing is that I inherited his 500 million NSR which were in his possession back then. I am happy to help with MM on openledger. I can also help with any accounting issues as I am an accountant by profession. However, I understand if you don’t need accountants as everything is transparent and accessible on the blockchain.

Kind regards,

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I’m deeply sorry for your loss.
My condolences.
Don’t hope for a wonder. Gone people don’t rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.
Would that this train had been built with better safety measures.

@superman @Jor-El @AngelaLee and others seem like a team members of @JordanLee and its other aliases, paid to pump nsr and take money from real honest paying account holders.
Nu DAC is toxic and scammy and I will notify the japanese blockchain association of that and communicate info to the relevant authorities.