I didn't get the NSR out at poloniex.com

I didn’t get the NSR out at poloniex.com
I contacted them, but no one has responded to me yet
Error NSR 25166183.30543801
The 2017-05-02 23:51:18
Address: SeU931VWZPhTHDNzdD22DuM4gVye9dBLBa
This is their fault
How do I get my NSR back

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I’m in the same situation with personal NSR that I withdrew within half an hour of May 3 (their time) when it was apparent they delisted it. I’ve contacted support. No response yet.

All shareholder NSR are withdrawn.

Can I get my coin back?
I’m sure there’s a lot of friends who don’t take out NSR as much as I do

Same thing here. My coins disappeared. Any updates on your problems?

I updated my question, but no one answered me

I withdrew 2nd May,
Still having wallet syncing up with the network so I can’t yet see if my NSR was transferred successfully. Will report when it syncs up.

Guys, try to see if you still can see your Polo NSR wallet when you disable the “hide delisted coins” ticker box in the balance page…

Actually I figured out what the problem was. I accidentally clocked on NuUS instead of Nushares and gave them the NuUS address. Is there a way I can reverse the transaction?

Hope to get help from the community
Let me get my NSR back from poloniex.com
They didn’t respond to my question

I will be extremely disappointed with Poloniex if they don’t work with us to withdraw NuShares. It would be difficult to handle any other way.

I could see it before I initiated withdrawals for the entire balance.

I think that withdrawal should simply fail and they’ll be able to withdraw them to the proper address.

They haven’t responded to any of my correspondence since late April. I’ve given them contact details to our primary developer and informed them about the NuShare transaction fee and how they can handle it.

I have voted for 10NSR

Well, apparently I made the same mistake…

I had no idea that I had to click the wallet logo to change between currencies, created a wallet for US-NBT thinking it was for NSR, sent my NSR from Polo to the US-NBT addresses…

Now that my wallet has finally synced, of course there’s no NSR to be found, nor do Polo have them.


Did you get your NSR in the end?

I’m pretty sure Polo must have them, as the transaction to a NBT address wouldn’t have been valid.

Whether they’re going to bother helping users is another question, and so far it doesn’t look promising.

I was at first doubting you as I assumed surely the addresses were using same format.

Upon taking a look, I found the transactions in the history, obviously, and found them having error message for incorrect address. In the right corner of each transaction row there is a “Cancel” button.

Once you cancel these failed transactions manually, they do appear back in the balances, under delisted coins! Poloniex still has the coins. They have thus not deleted the wallets, like they never had as I still have dead coins there since few years.

:sunglasses: Polo rules. Whether or not these days you think they should hire 100 customer service reps more and rent out an underground base and stuff it full of extra servers (which they should do with all their income these days… Fingers crossed.)


Any estimate about their daily revenues? I am very curious. Spread, tx fees?

The coins I made at their limited time
But their business went wrong, Complete:, Error
I haven’t been able to extract my coins

You have all the data you need…
They take commission per trade basis and are established in Delaware.

Subtract other regulatory compliance costs based on current legislation and try to guesstimate the overhead, which is difficult to guess as with all alts exchanges

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Can you cancel manually from the transactions history page and then find them in your wallet again like I explained above?

Or does it require customer service ticker etc.
I remember vaguely having complete error in the past and resolving it in the UI…
… But that was a long time ago.

There is no option to manually cancel withdrawals

I took coins out of poloniex.com within the limited time (May 2nd)
But they didn’t pay me
No customer service responded to my request
Is there no way for the community to contact them?