I didn't get the NSR out at poloniex.com


I am still waiting for my NBT, Polo responded that they will sync & send but it is over a month since their reply and transaction is still not sent. I will update my post if they do send.


Poloniex has still not processed any the withdrawals that failed in early May, so far as I can tell. I haven’t been able to uncover a report of Poloniex answering any NSR depositor’s tickets to reprocess failed withdrawal transactions. Has anyone heard anything from Poloniex about this matter? I can confirm Poloniex has completely ignored myself and @jooize in regard to this matter.

My guess is that the withdrawals aren’t being withheld due to any malicious intent. More likely, the small number of holders of a delisted coin just aren’t being prioritized. If true, then the right course of action is to complain often and loudly, while giving them more time.

I encourage everyone who is unable to withdraw NSR from Poloniex to open a ticket with them about it and report the problem here as well.

Withdrawals and deposits are also disabled on Cryptopia. I suspect it is the same reason: we are not their priority. Therefore, I suggest everyone who wants withdrawals and deposits of NSR to open a ticket with Cryptopia. Remind them all they need to do is enable withdrawals and deposits of NSR. No further action is needed now. US-NBT deposits and withdrawals are enabled, so we know their Nu client is up and synced. It should be very easy for Cryptopia to enable NSR withdrawals and deposits. We just need to get their attention.


i opened a ticket with cryptopia. They aswered me immediately that they are maintaining the wallet.
Once it is completed they will re enable withdrawals.


I’d suggest everyone having a bit more patience than usually.

Poloniex is dealing with growing pains due to biggest liquidity / volatility / user amount boom in the history of cryptocurrencies. It’s understandable that they are completely flooded with customer service queries especially when their main bread and butter has been doing some hiccups in terms of speed issues… Just think how many angry newbie margin traders are complaining their orders not getting filled, missing the “golden opportunity” etc… i.e. those who can’t yet take platform risks into their considerations and play accordingly.

On top of that I’m sure many have been scared by recent DDOS attacks and trying to withdraw coins…

So in case of hoping to get through their customer service…
I’d be aware how much volumes they are dealing with and chill out.

“But how can I chill out with my money in …???”

Just remember this:
Since three years, Poloniex has removed NONE of the dead coin wallets.
I still have every dead alt that I used to have, it got delisted and I was too uninterested to withdraw, many of which don’t even have the project alive anymore. Polo still has these coins. So it’s very likely your NSR won’t disappear anywhere. (Unless Polo itself goes Gox) And with the current market prices… Just have patience, work to get NSR and other Nu assets back into other exchanges and other positive development.


On the related issue of Cryptopia NSR deposits and withdrawals being disabled, someone has passed on this reply from Cryptopia support about their NSR withdrawals:


Can official staff contact poloniex.com?,
My coins failed to be taken out. (I made a withdrawal within their limited time, but it was a mistake. I didn’t receive the coin.)
And there’s no customer service answering my question
As far as I know, many people haven’t taken out their coins!
Are these coins going to sleep all the time?


We have certainly tried. I don’t want to flood them with messages at this point, but others messaging them about it may prioritize us. It’s frustrating indeed.

I found a withdrawal I had made for private NuShares before the delisting that had also failed.

They should be able to simply resume processing withdrawals as fees for both NuShares and US NuBits have returned to 10 NSR and 0.01 US-NBT. I wish they’d say what the holdup is.


If there is no reply,
Will official developers be able to lock poloniex’s NSR?,
And remove them in blocks.
In addition, new coins are generated to compensate users who lose NSR
Is there such a possibility?


We’ve had the idea on the table. I’m not sure how to do that. We may be able to identify most exchange addresses, but how would we know who had which amounts without logging into their accounts, which may itself be a breach of the exchange’s terms?

I’m reluctant to go there. Poloniex may simply be busy handling increased traffic and higher prioritized listings. There’s not much we can do about that, I’m afraid.


When will the new version of NSR join CryptoNote technology?,
Maybe after the new technology is improved
A transaction that allows poloniex to restart NSR


This depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the amount of funding we have available, which is mostly determined by the NSR price. If we had a huge and sudden surge in NSR, there is a chance it could take as little as a few months. Alternatively, it may never be done for a variety of reasons.

The recent volatility in the NSR price makes projections about what we can fund and accomplish more difficult than normal.


Now, the NSR itself doesn’t seem very special, right
It is only for NBT service
If the market attraction of the NSR is good,
The NSR itself, if you have a nice feature
Is it easier for NBT to hang up the dollar?
This seems more like a dual-chain currency
Verium/vericoin, which is currently being developed
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? Topic = 1540023.0


@lug Has the forum not allowed you to post links yet?


Since January, we’ve seen an increase of more than 600% active traders online and regularly process 640% more transactions than we did merely 4 months ago.



Now NSR has a good market size
Wallet maintenance is also working very well
If there is a new road map
You can apply poloniex.com to relaunch the NSR
I don’t think poloniex.com has any reason to reject a good coin


Poloniex.com has so far received no response
Can’t my coin be retrieved
I took the coin within the time limit, but the Error message was Complete: Error
This is not my fault. It was poloniex.com’s error
Aren’t community developers better able to reach them? I don’t think I didn’t get the COINS out of my pocket


guys someone from the moderators in poloniex told me this while i was asking him to cancel the failed transaction and resend it again
"unfortunately without a working block explorer im unable to perform a cancel for you"
seriously somebody from the team must message them and tell them about the new version and tell them the right way to resend the coins


I think it’s only the community developers that can communicate with them


Let’s make use of your ability to reach them. Link to https://nuexplorer.ddns.net and offer them support by Michaël at mike@lepton.fr for any transaction or other wallet issues. The situation is that transaction fee is at zero now but was raised above the regular amount around the time their withdrawal problems occurred.

Thank you. I will contact them myself again if necessary, but they have not been responsive.


Hello Esko,

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Unfortunately this is a delisted currency and to process all withdrawals we will have to manually start and sync the wallet.

Because of this it will take longer than usual to process these transactions, as soon as we sync the wallet we will attempt to process your withdrawals,
I am sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

Please let me know if I can assist you further regarding this issue.

Best regards,
Herb Lang
Poloniex Support