How will Nu shareholders return B&C's lost fund?

Who is in charge of this?

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@jooize mentioned that he would explore raising a grant for the missing NSR. I almost assume that @phoenix will support that, however I expect some terms and condition around that. Let’s have that discussion.

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Instead of a fund, why don’t we (Nu Network) just grant the funds for development on a case by case basis. This dev fund has been the cause of much controversy.

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The B&C Exchange development fund should be in the hands of B&C Exchange trustees. They should not rely on Nu shareholders to access their funds.


Yet they are relying on Nu Shareholders to bail them out? I don’t see a difference besides that it would be much harder for BC trustees to lose their dev fund again.

I have considered whether our authority in Nu would allow directly restoring B&C Exchange shareholder funds using NuShares I hold, but have not seen a legal path. One grant removes risk of a future shift in Nu shareholders’ opinion.

Listening to you talking about a legal path is like the greatest comedy I have ever experienced. I never thought there would be a moment you could bring joy to my life, but this is indeed that moment. I had to laugh so loudly that you argue with “a legal path” that I am still afraid of my neighbors calling the police. @jooize you are cashing in with front-running operations, buying back Nushares at 200% the actual price in order to get rid of your shares and buy them back cheaper. This process has been proven. You called it a process where there is “no valid excuse” for it. Keep cheating those new shareholders. I will do everything to make the public aware of your scam operations.

Our opinion doesn’t really get heard when BC fund is in the hands of BC trustees. For example, when Phoenix decided all on his own to start trading with the BC fund on the NSR market or the constant ignoring of calls from BKS holders to post the address holding the BC fund which was subsequently stolen.

It is only a mistake if we don’t learn from it…

Your opinion does not count, are you getting it? It doesn’t count. Get a fucking majority and you can fool anyone. Understood? Man, I know, it is really tough to accept that @jooize is making a fortune while we are losing our investments, but it is how it is. Keep informing people to stay away from this project and you are really doing a social job. I am considering a social campaign where you can earn money to warn about Nu. I’ll think about that and I am willing to drop as much as $10,000 to participants just for warning about Nu. I’ll keep you posted depending on @jooize behavior towards transparency.

You are not helping. In fact, you are a distraction from the goal of accountability. Time and time again the core team responds to the trolls instead of listening to the shareholders.

If you truly want these people to be accountable for their actions, you need to realize that you are only providing a distraction for them to change the subject.

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I agree.