How to Build Habit Forming Products

Great article on how to build technology that users feel connected to. It’s easy to imagine applying the lessons in each of these four steps to different products we will be developing, notably our mobile wallet.

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I have been thinking about this, especially the user aspect. What can we do to make the mobile wallet more personal or add features which the user would return to? I couldn’t figure out a way to promote payments with the Android wallet vs payments made with other wallets. And we can’t pre-load Android specific wallets and share them without exposing the private key in some way. The blockchain technology gets in the way of rewarding users with NuBits for the use of specific products or tools. I’m keen to hear solutions for this which don’t require signing up and storage of user data.

We can’t pre-load the wallets, but we may be able to find a way that users could redeem a sign-up for a one-time deposit from a special fund.

This would be easier for mobile because we could tie in to the unique identifiers that Android and iOS link to each hardware device.


Ok sounds good. I’m all ears as I wouldn’t have a clue how to deal with that. Just the Unique Identifier won’t be good enough imo as it needs to be tied somehow to the downloaded app, otherwise everyone with an Android device would be able to claim. Ideally it is tied to usage, e.g. a transaction.

It would be the download plus the device ID

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