How many dividend distributions has Nushares had? Will there be any more?

Has the community considered keeping a “sticky” record of all dividend distributions at the top of this forum? How many dividend distributions have there been? Will there be anymore?

I am considering making a long term investment in Nushares, but the future of dividend payments will have a great effect on my decision. Thank you in advance for any answers.

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2 ppc distributions have been performed. Nu has seemed to have come to the conclusion that while we are still developing basic functionality (B&C being a big project) we are comfortable putting ppc distributions on hold. You can consider the BKS fork a form of distribution.

We plan to start share buybacks and share auctions in the short term to help balance the peg. When we begin making money beyond that required for development, we will most likely begin distributions again. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess we’ll do some kind of distribution (hopefully begin regular distributions) in 1-3 years, depending on the relative success of B&C exchange as a partner of Nu.

$409,811 have been distributed as dividends over the last year, most of which was as BlockShares. Given the current NuShare market cap of $1,628,335, that is a stunning 25.17% dividend yield.

No one can say for sure whether there will be dividends in the future, but shareholders will make that decision directly. It depends on whether there are additional distributions for new Peershares like B&C Exchange, whether Nu is successful, and whether shareholders choose to use excess funds for development, share buyback or dividends. Right now they are being used for development and there is a new motion currently being voted on that would conduct share buybacks. It is unclear at the moment whether that will pass, but I suspect it will.

It is unclear whether shareholders will choose to have future excess funds used only for share buybacks or a combination of buybacks and dividends.

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Thank you for the answer!

Thank you!