Past Dividends Info

I know JordanLee has mentioned some summary stats under this category (, but is there a place for finding out the following for each dividend payment that has occurred:

  1. Date range when it occurred.
  2. Minimum NSR required to receive dividends.
  3. Dividends received per NSR.

This seems like it would be useful for stakeholders.

I ask because I am a little confused on why I didn’t receive dividends last payout. I satisfy the timestamp requirement, but perhaps I didn’t have the minimum. I would like to figure that out.

Did you get the BKS dividend?

No, I didn’t have any NSR at the end of June 3. However, I thought there was a PPC dividend in the past couple months.

I believe that there has only been two dividend distributions thus far. One i was back in Nov '14 and the other followed shortly after. If you didn’t have NuShares for the BlockShares distribution then I don’t think you had them for the dividend distributions.

I think shareholders had expressed a couple of months ago that share buybacks were preferred over dividend distributions so that has been the focus.