How Designers Destroyed the World

Inspiring lecture. I think there are several of you here who will appreciate this.


I’m not even at minute 8, but find it so horrible, that I’m actually speechless.

edit: that horror was necessary to make the audience aware of the responsibility that designers have. I hope it worked!


great power brings great responsibility. but users also should be aware about the risks their security fails at some point!

The title of the talk can be easily adapted with “how engineers destroyed the world” without changing the content much. Engineers working to solve the wrong set of problem (making a copying machine copying faster, making redundant android games, or founding crappy startups to have pets on social networks) , supported by a hungry bunch of VC funds .

Right, and of course weapons development comes to mind.

The motto pretty much applies to each and every area of life.

Mike Monteiro elaborated on design and designers, but what he said can be transferred to everything that might have (foreseen and unforeseen) consequences - which is true for the most things you do or don’t do.

It’s true for weapons, using them to lead war, smoking, drinking, eating meat, emission of carbon dioxide, methane and lots of other things that pollute the air or have an effect on the climate, driving irresponsible, creating nuclear waste, not helping people in need of help etc.
I could continue for hours, but I think I made my point clear.

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IT is treated as a service and rarely does the C Suite understand some of the chaos they create through a lack of understanding of demands. He made an important statement to where technology really is in the development world but this problem exists throughout the technology industry. This type of short term thinking comes from global competition. I am glad that is speaking directly to the issue. As our technology becomes larger and more powerful so will the technology “disasters” and “mistakes”.

What if cyber security were invasive instead of defensive? The conversation about offensive use of cyber security (cyber war) brings this to mind.

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I finally managed to watch this.
To everyone who hasn’t yet: YOU are missing out.

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