Hedge Fund Which Predicted The Subprime Crisis Expects Massive Yuan Devaluation In 2016


Would CN-NBT be still worth to make and why?

I don’t like any other currency (fiat) than SDR and $.
But that is just me :slight_smile:
edit: even the eurozone is in the verge of collapse!

Pegging a devaluing currency is really easy. The dollar’s inflation rate is on our side when issuing us-nbt. We only really have to be cautious if we expect not just devaluation but rapid volatility.

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Chinese crypto totraders to which we provide a crypto yuan.

Anybody aware of YBCoin?
According to https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1316148.0, it is a CNY peg

I know the managing director of Yuanbaohui.com btw…