Happy One-Week Birthday, Nu!

One week has passed since Nu was released. I’m in the process of compiling statistics from a bunch of different sources (analytics, blockchain, custodians, exchanges, communities, etc.) and will share with everyone everything that has happened over the last week. I’ll follow-up in this topic as soon as it has been assembled! :slight_smile:


Great work NuBits Team!

It’s a baby, look forward to the 100th day birthday!

Nice job everyone on a successful launch!

When Nu’s other half (NuShares) finds its way onto exchanges, I predict a whole lot more attention too. @Ben, @CoinGame and @pennybreaker have done a wonderful job making this place look nice before visitors arrive.

Thanks tomjoad! Don’t forget about @desrever, @Chronos, @Cybnate, and our other friends from peercointalk.org who have also had quite a bit to contribute to getting the forum off the ground.


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