Grant to provide 50,000 liquidity to for 60 days




anyone can verify the hash of the proposal? I cannot verify it using

@cryptog The proposal text shows newlines which aren’t there. Select the proposal text and quote it, then copy the text from the input text box to the website.

indeed. but i had to use this site []. hash of this proposal confirmed.


There is no motion to vote, only a custodian grant.

Do you see what I mean now @muchogusto? Proposals must be lay down cristal clear, no edits, and be simple to follow. Otherwise things like this happens

let’s see how this proposal is doing

@assistant custodian vote BB1eCrqde2g5vWTH7RsaBJ8NWTUF2D8ogq

You can also check here:

This motion is on route to pass, but we have Learnmore about to bring in $20k on Excoin in a few days right?

And the bot can’t support both at the same time yet?

Hi desrever

Here are the details for the Custodian Vote on BB1eCrqde2g5vWTH7RsaBJ8NWTUF2D8ogq:

###1.00 NBT.
Blocks: 2939 (29.390000%)
Share Days: 936668014 (30.256991%)

The following is the first of TWO custodial grants that will be requested. Grant the first means that shareholders agree to be bound to pass the second grant in the amount of 9,999 NBT upon satisfactory completion of the proposal. I ask for payment after LPC services are complete, but the first grant is necessary as @JordanLee mentioned to allow broadcast of liquidityinfo. First custodial grant pair:

BB1eCrqde2g5vWTH7RsaBJ8NWTUF2D8ogq, 1

The text of the proposal (previously a motion) is unchanged and the hash will remain just for reference, not because it should be entered in the client:


*****Start proposal*****
First, I want shareholders to pass a motion
use my LPC services. When the motion is over, I will begin by providing
liquidity for sixty days using NuBot to in the amount of 50,000
NuBits total. To begin, 25,000 NBT and the equivalent of 25,000 NBT in
BTC will be used for balance. When the sixty days are past, and I did
everything I promised, shareholders are required to pay 10,000 NBT
through a custodial grant to an address I choose. Therefore, I extend
trust to shareholders, not require shareholders trust me with money

I use spread of 0.2% if no charge my account fees, and 0.4%
if they do charge fees to me. If parametric order books are available, I
will use a 0.1% spread and a curve that approximates the level of
liquidity in the Bitstamp BTC/USD market.
*****End proposal*****

You have questions for me?

don’t worry, its never too much, we will find a way to coordinate, the important thing is having liquidity everywhere nubits is supported


Thank you to shareholders for approve my proposal as of block 202778:

I looked at the NuBot documentation and it did not leave me with questions, yet. I am making all my preparations to run NuBot now and should have it going very soon. I will report back before 24 hours on progress.

The price of BTC on the most liquid USD market (Bitfinex) was $233.4 at the time the proposal passed. So, I will place 107.1123 BTC (25,000 / 233.4) in my trading account in addition to 25,000 NBT, for a complete value of 50,000 NBT.

I’m excited to have this opportunity to serve Nu!


Is it possible for you to come up with a operation tutorial of the Nubot so that more potential LPC can learn how.


I consider this will work nicely for that purpose:

At this hour I wait for a support ticket with a service provider to be resolved so I can continue setting up NuBot.

If you do need a hand with anything NuBot related, do please get into contact with me or @desrever. The new version of NuBot (0.1.5) is just in the last stages of testing and, all being well, will be released in the next day or so.
Fuller documentation is on the road map but for the meantime it really is just a case of creation an options file using the options listed on the readme and then running the NuBot.jar file.

today I will create a gist for custodians. Stay tuned

EDIT: draft available @

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I promised to report back quickly, so I’m reporting my environment is total set up now and I am just beginning to configure NuBot version 0.1.4c within it. As I have problems I will contact @woolly_sammoth or @desrever.