[giveaway] Domain name - Shares.nu (paid for 1 year)

For Nu’s first birthday I am giving away the domain name shares.nu

What will you do with it?

Present your proposal proposal, it can be anything : a marketplace, an informative wiki, a redirect, [you-name-it]…

Post your idea(s) here before 25th September @ 23:59 .

After the deadline I will evaluate proposal and name a winner. Domain ownership will be transferred shortly after


thank you @irritant for the input. I was imagining it as hosting something more related with nu shares, given the name

This idea also wouldn’t qualify as I don’t have the skills to set it up. But it would be a nice supporting or even a hosting page for the NSR/NBT auctions by @Nagalim. But maybe he already has other ideas with that.


I’ve already got nuauction.net. Thanks though.

FYI: I own localnubits.com and getnubits.com. Both are parked.