Get banned from PPC forum

I’ve not posted a thread on that forum for one year, and suddenly got this amusing treatment.

Anyway, I don’t think need to speak anything on that forum any longer. :slight_smile: Perhaps I said too much criticizing about PPC’s lack of scarcity.

No, I’m a moderator there along with Fuzzy and I don’t know anything about this. I’ll bring it up with Fuzzy.

I just checked and you are listed in the ban log for some reason. Again, I’ll message Fuzzy to find out what might have happened.

Thanks, if my account is stolen and post spam threads, just ignore this issue because I have nothing to speak on that forum in future.

If someone wants to ban me, just let him/her ban me, perhaps I’ve got the reason.

Hey @Sabreiib Fuzzybear here admin of Peercointalk, sry your account has been banned but looking at the logs it appears someone was using your hostname ip, or the hostname ip u sea was also used by someone spamming the forum. I have removed the hostname from ban lists and you should have full access back to peercointalk.

Thank you for raising your issue here, sorry took me a while to respond

@Fuzzybear, thanks a lot! I used a VPN service when visiting forums.