General Notice

Current as of July 28, 2016

At the point in time that this topic was last updated, no one on the Nu Team has received a notice from any other governmental office from around the World that would limit the ability of the Nu Team to discuss anything pertinent with the rest of the community.

Because the team always will be truthful and transparent when we’re able to be, should this topic go longer than 30 days without an update to the date listed above, it is because we have been compelled to do so.

For more information about this notice’s intent, see: Warrant Canary.


If North Korea government order you to shutdown the website, would you obey?

Decentralized website is the future.

Decentralized website is the future.

I agree completely, and will be thrilled when it’s a realistic option. As it stands, the primary risk isn’t a question of whether or not I’d voluntarily shut down the site at the request of a government, but rather, would the VPS I’m using to run the site do it without consulting me first. I personally believe that the possibility of the North Korean government requesting a take-down is effectively zero, but I presume that you used them as a representative example of any government that wants to censure conversations.

This is the option.

I think it’s reasonable to research what Maidsafe could do for us and whether or not it is possible to move a fairly complex application like Discourse on to SAFE.

I can’t promise that it will happen, nor can I give you an ETA on when I’ll be able to have any type of answer, but you and anyone else in the community are welcome to do some of the legwork too and see what you find.

If maidsafe released, I’ll try to earn some Maidsafecoins by sharing storage/cpu, and evaluate this platform.

I’m thinking about deprecating this notice. I’m not involved in the development of the network any longer, so I’m not someone that would necessarily be “in the know” in the very unlikely situation that any type of notice was given by a government.

Does anyone have any concerns if I publicly announce the end of support for this?