False alarm?

I recognized that the last update for General Notice has been on November 26, 2014.
As Ben stated

I wonder whether the update is only missing or the update is no longer possible.
Sorry if this turns out to be a false alarm, but I didn’t want to keep that finding to myself.

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False alarm. That’s what happens when I update it without hitting save after the fact.

Good to hear that!
But then again this thread doesn’t serve any purpose.
Do you think it should be deleted?

If the regulatory climate changes again, I’ll bring it back.

what do u mean by false alarm?

The topic to which I refer to hadn’t been updated for more than two weeks when I created this topic.
And I chose the title “False alarm?” because I hoped for other reasons than those named in Ben’s post for making it go without an update for more than two weeks.

It had been. The problem is that Discuss doesn’t update the date of the post if the content only changes.

Now it looks like something else is wrong.
"The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private."
is shown when I try to open General Notice

I had removed it, but I guess I wasn’t clear in my first post after you asked if it should be removed.

I’ve hidden the post until it is needed again.

Oh, that was a kind of communication with misunderstandings :wink:
I wanted to ask whether my topic should be removed…

hahah… ok, i’ll bring back the other thread and you can close this one at your leisure :smile:

Thanks for bringing the thread back. And I found that you’ve done something I’d have recommended: extend the update period.
Your thread is just too clever an idea to be removed!
Bringing it back in case you got contacted would be active; not updating it is passive.

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General Notice is not longer repliable.
But in the future, the probability that Nu team is compelled to stop by dark forces is not zero.

It has never been an open topic. There’s no reason for anyone else to post on that thread. If you have questions, feel free to open a topic about it.

@ben. I do not have any questions about this topic. I was just intrigued by the awareness of the community about a potential threat from external forces, although it is probably very unlikely that Nu might need to be shut down.