Fork Status: Resolved by NuBits v5.1 – Upgrade!

It is now safe to send NuBits and NuShares.

  • Don’t make any transactions until further notice! You may lose funds.
  • Exchanges Alcurex, Bittrex, and Cryptopia all have suspended their wallets.
  • We have some nodes running deprecated Nu clients. v2.0.3 at block 1164040. v2.0.1 and v2.1.0 at block 1164311. Please upgrade to the latest Nu wallet at

Update 06:39 UTC

The fork was probably triggered by a sudden drop in minting, because of a protection that assumes there won’t be more than 200% change in difficulty per day. This check is only done on orphan blocks, but we often receive orphan blocks initially and then download the rest. When this happens the node bans the peer that sent this block. I think we should remove this check that’s not really necessary.

— sigmike

A new release will be available.

New release NuBits v5.1 available – Please upgrade ASAP!

NuBits v5.1 has been released, so if you’re running an old version, upgrade now.



It is still not safe to make transactions.


2d3ad1fc0a556476a50c1ded79e5e4eed5858bf9f990d67258cec102afcb3d1c  NuBits-5.1.0.dmg
9eeaf4eb60183e6f126d1448a35c2330fe2475d3147d2347b094a7ac15edfb47  32/Nu-5.1.0-win-setup.exe
7256bcb2e1c3f33ca82ee245baa8d89e2c7d36ce8686350c43c6e4411951b86c  32/nu.exe
17fe64cba4e53ce57773752df71ffdb95212064b9567fdc89437a19ee87dbb76  32/nud.exe
d49eba226c457cb93adde81cd5021e4d5ca4de5cd9ccb385072f2eb9996cdaba  64/Nu-5.1.0-win-setup.exe
0f021a47ffc9aa825b4641063951fb076bd48119f69e7a50c36eb9d7436b42aa  64/nu.exe
cd3a26eb2b451cea8e1c30e77536816825e8a01aa2f01f17ca11de364d05a487  64/nud.exe
051f0050dd32f8719261252f3f7e0853b461ca831c4e18cdabd5e31e64992c31  bin/32/nu
3a2371974ce0656be7bdd922f1580bd5d36253989ed871852f09300de0dacdf7  bin/32/nud
77a585cea116a4de1cb8c8e89fdcc8f2f11848d5c48b56273f05abcdc30bd275  bin/64/nu
26b728d63431cbc87c5f8eea7766ef04f758c623d25738be18e66deb715c465e  bin/64/nud


I’ve added Windows and Linux builds to the first post.


here is a torrent file for bootstrapping the blockchain on the main fork

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Here are some instructions:

You will need a Torrent client like uTorrent pre-installed to download the blockchain files.

Once you have completed and downloaded the two files for 100% please follow the following instructions:

  1. Start client and let it go for a minute or so to ensure your folder structure and the wallet has been created.
  2. Stop client
  3. Copy both files into the .nu folder (for Windows under %appdata)
  4. Start client again

It will now be synchronising only the last few days/weeks instead of the entire blockchain from scratch.
Please drop a line here if you get stuck somewhere in the process.

It would also be much appreciated if you would be able to seed it for a while so others can also enjoy a fast download.

macOS build published. Includes nud in

how to get to know I am on the right chain?

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Excellent question. I’m asking the team for a reliable way.

I’m at block height 1543482 along with our new block explorer. Not all nodes according to getpeerinfo appear to be there yet. It may just not update frequently. See what the following gives you, by running in debug window or with daemon.

getblock 666335bbae6660022c398bab9b52009ad1e7090ad41ba5da62bd5e8f1f4d17bc

It returns this for me:

"hash" : "666335bbae6660022c398bab9b52009ad1e7090ad41ba5da62bd5e8f1f4d17bc",
"size" : 638,
"height" : 1543482,
"version" : 1,
"merkleroot" : "ce67cbce440619dc28b5ebbd373f4bd46a628734ba1ee2b25a967fee6912e062",
"time" : "2017-08-25 12:08:12 UTC",
"nonce" : 0,
"bits" : "1e20e463",
"difficulty" : 0.00011876,
"mint" : 40.0,
"previousblockhash" : "b982cccbbb72b1729aa9185e2e4b2c9984c6f76ad0f4e2d317477af590bf1285",
"flags" : "proof-of-stake",
"proofhash" : "000003f46cbd42f0c1d4bfe1d259a59248ff88b559c2fd2fe3a181e1d7f57360",
"entropybit" : 0,
"modifier" : "7efcc87f35280119",
"modifierchecksum" : "2c20737d",
"tx" : [
"coinagedestroyed" : 197216,
"vote" : {

I’m not sure whether you can have received that block and be able to view it without being on that chain, however.

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i ll check on Mon. Tks.

It is now safe to send NuBits and NuShares.

Bittrex is back online.

why cryptopia is not online still?

Why it’s still showing??

Is there anyone to reply?

We’ve told Cryptopia to resume operations for NuBits and NuShares. Unfortunately, they have not done so yet.

You have to assure this because they are presenting a message from the USNBT TEAM that leaves a negative impact toward your users. I 'll never use Cryptopia Exchange again and withdraw my all funds from there I already tweeted there and this is for your intimation! User’s can’t be bound.

Hello. Now on bittrex price in your cryptocurrency 2$.
Is it true that the price of your currency after the fork will be different from $ 1 or not?

We peg US NuBits at $1.00, and that has not changed. Purchases of NuBits were made recently that consumed our large walls and more. A refill of sell-side liquidity took time, and Bittrex experienced a delay with deposits.

US NuBits will return to $1.00. Take the opportunity and sell high then buy from us for $1.00 later if you can. I understand the frustration of being locked in at Cryptopia.

Please contact the Cryptopia exchange to include their findings.

Useless Team

Being too aggressive in our communication with exchanges will not benefit anyone’s interests. We are speaking to Cryptopia.

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