Fork Status: Resolved by NuBits v5.1 – Upgrade!


I’m not aggressive but talking about the fact, and how it’s possible Bittrex sell walls are more than the circulating supply? are Nubits Team manipulating ? making people fool ?

I highlighted the sell side quantity round about 717,000 ? however the Circulating Supply is
523,851 of USNBT mentioned on ? how it’s possible?


It’s a curious choice to buy our stable currency for more than its pegged value. I can’t explain it. We have in any case benefitted largely, and NuShare buybacks will increase even if all NuBits purchased today leave circulation at $1.00.

Circulating supply at CoinMarketCap needs to be updated manually.

Block height: 1,546,876
Existing US NuBits: 1,340,270.9081 USNBT
Parked US NuBits: 34,121.3546 USNBT
Shareholder NuBits: 150,644.7482 USNBT
Circulating Supply: 1,155,504.8053 USNBT

Currently for sale at Bittrex is 454,098.3460 USNBT, and 6,290.6029 USNBT at Cryptopia excluding ours.

NuBit holders are incentivized and encouraged to have sell-orders up for more than $1.00.


when will they incentivized & how can you monitor which person buy above 1$?


Their incentive is a quick profit as they expect being able to buy new NuBits at $1.00. We encourage selling into these buy walls because we want the peg to stay at $1.00.

We’ll sell NuBits for $1.00. If someone is buying them for $1.20, anyone who owns NuBits can sell to them and buy new NuBits from us for $1.00. There’s a limit to the throughput of NuBits, however. We can only create them through shareholder grants, which take at least 7 days to pass.


but why you want to stay at 1 $ everyone want’s to create more demand & the price will boost then why you want to stay here? I have 3500 nubits coin at 53000 satoshi


We believe people want a stable-value currency with the flexibilities of Bitcoin for their savings and general business transactions.

To benefit from NuBit demand, you should purchase NuShares (NSR). We distribute partial revenue from NuBit sales to shareholders via NuShare buybacks. We’ve currently repurchase NuShares for over $2,000 per day. That amount will increase even if all NuBits purchased today are returned, since they were bought at a premium which makes our cryptoasset reserve worth more.

Please keep asking questions. I want to describe our operations clearly.

NuShare demand has already increased since the NuBit sales. You can buy NuShares at Cryptopia (with the caveat of not being able to withdraw them until they upgrade and re-enable their wallet).


I just saw at coinmarket cap that Nushare was launched in 2014 and at a good price but now at cryptopia it’s at 18 satoshi what’s future of Nushare? What’s the Team mission and can we store both coins ? please give me some brief description I just today buy NuBits coin first time @ both exchanges Bittrex & also at Cryptopia so give me some guideline about it’s future???


The future of NuShares lies in what the shareholders and team accomplish with NuBits. I will have to continue later as something urgent came up. I do think we’re doing well, but people keep being upset with us.


Funds are moving on an abandoned fork chain. Please upgrade to NuBits v5.1 and sync your wallet using the provided bootstrap files if necessary. You may compare block height against our new block explorer. We’d be glad to help you get it right, so please contact us.


You’d have to ask others what’s their current block highest block height and hash, then determine the highest chain, and see if you have that number of blocks.

If some time has passed you can check whether the hash they gave you is in your current main chain. There’s a small chance that their highest block at that time has been orphaned though

My current best block is 89be72df17baa45b8bc82ddeddc3a8c79f6dbc27a48c4dde8383d96b3058c603 at height 1547645.

getpeerinfo displays the height the peer was when it connected, not its current height.

You can, but it will only have a nextblockhash if it’s in your main chain (and not actually the highest block).


So the explorer @ is on the incorrect chain?


Yes. Use our new explorer at


Hello, can you help me, I have some NSR in criptopia, can I still transfer to the wallet? Thank you.


Yes, I recently withdrew all shareholder NuShares (NSR) from Cryptopia.


No, it is still not as the maintainer is not responsive @backpacker

Or Nubits only as a backup


how to get that hash and what does it correspond to?



getblockhash 1547645

in debug window

It shows that you have a similar block as Sigmike in your blockchain. When you are on another chain the numbers won’t match. I can also support the hash number for that block demonstrating that it is on the main chain.
The hash is a verification for the content of that block. A different content would result in a different hash. These hashes are unique.


Guys I withdrawn from cryptopia at 27.08 cause there was message to do so, but the withdraw did not arrived on bittrex. What is current cryptopia statement? Have they paused withdrawals? I cannot see nowhere my tokens :frowning:


Please message me your transaction ID.


I am still on 5.1.0 :

getblockhash 1552017