Fork Alert – Resolved (Aug 26, 2017)

There appears to be a fork at the moment. The result of that is that many transactions can be orphaned. Probably best to wait with further transactions till both forks have merged again. It is unclear when that may happen. We have notified others who will be looking into it. It may resolve itself after a while. Will keep you updated in this thread.

At time of writing the highest block number is 1,540,003
The other fork is about 30 blocks behind. and

Just noticed that Bittrex also reports issues with their blocks and transactions are not likely to come through.

My wallet is showing 0 connections. Could this be related to the fork?

Not likely, it should still be able to connect to either chain. I’m still seeing 10+ nodes.
An option is to partially or fully reload the chain. Suggest to wait a bit until this situation is resolved and the fork is left further behind.

Updates on fork continuing here: