FLOT PPC Operations (buy side)


Multisig #1



Inspect address with Cointoolkit.

Redeem script


Create transaction with Cointoolkit.



@crypto_coiner, @jooize, @mhps, @masterOfDisaster, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @Cybnate, (@woodstockmerkle, @cryptog; not yet in group)


I’ll keep using this: 034b0bd0f653d4ac0a2e9e81eb1863bb8e5743f6cb1ea40d845b939c225a1a80ff

mhps pubkey: 03199d5604d98bddf07ce8d6981082e0152cdd43a974de0fb77a98b1205a36ef9d
I only promised one signing per month, although it perhaps doen;t matter as the PPC reserve is not supposedly often used.

my pubkey: 033a780a75027a5c5da4f33968f4179cfef95cd0623c3c9f9eadbc76893bc6be6d


Unless @Cybnate wants to be part of this group.

I actually prefer @Cybnate and @crypto_coiner over myself because they are often online and it’s good to expand FLOT to more community members.


I wouldn’t be mad if I didn’t become a PPC FLOT member.
But as I expect only litte activity in this group, I don’t mind, if I’ll be one of the members, either.

I’m of similar sentiment, but I like Peercoin, so I kinda want to be part of this for probably irrational reasons.

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Let’s see if Nu is decentralization-driven still in its signing operations.

I’m a member of the BTC and NBT groups, and have recently taken on development duties.

I’d prefer to give others the chance to participate more, but if we run short of contributors please ping me.

I am available if needed, I dont mind not being a part of it but have no objections to being part of it either. So add me if needed. PPC pubkey: 02e2fcdfe246e9cd4864d9119b8af465487385eccd0ea30a8cb21d44d36818189f

I made the OP wiki style and added 6 pubkeys there.
As soon as the list is complete (missing pubkeys have been added and people have declared membership of FLOT PPC group), we can figure out what type of multisig to use.

@cybnate should be a part of this reserve. I propose @cybnate, @crypto_coiner, @jooize, @dysconnect, and @masterOfDisaster for 3-of-5.


I prefer not being part of it in order to foster decentralization since I am already part of BTC, NSR, BKS FLOT but if you need one new signer please ping me. Tks for the invitation anyway.

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That’d be a reason to leave me out of the PPC group as well.

You have 6 keys for a group of 5 signers from which 3 are required for signing.
Do you need more keys?

I’m neither sure that 3-of-5 is the maximum for multisig in the Peercoin network, nor am I sure it’s already decided that it will be 3-of-5.
It could e.g. very well be 4-of-6, 4-of-7 or 5-of-8.
There should be consensus within the (future) PPC group regarding the consensus scheme :wink:

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It’s the same as Nubits. sigmike suggested 4-of-6; erasmospunk suggested 3-of-5 while mentioning that 4-of-6 would be unusable according to a slightly conservative estimate of the scriptSig size, which tend to be a bit random. Having two groups may be ok, depending on how people feel about the security vs overhead. Eventually the code should really be updated so we could get a big group; it at least has to happen before BCE.

Im against having 2 ppc groups right now. Keep it simple (KISS).

Btw, the btc-e account has been created. Ill test deposits and withdrawals over the weekend.


Sorry for the delay, work got in the way.

My Peercoin pubkey is: 031209e2f8429e0fd724607bfb67074f346e0cd531ae5998ddbd5b5779a99b3c53

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