FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)


Sure, blind auction would be fine. You dont really need a spreadsheet for that, just an email address. Unless i misunderstand you.


Sorry, I don’t know how blind auctions work either. :sweat:

Care to explain?

I need to eat. I’ll be back.


@Nagalim, please guide @jooize on the auction in whatever easy and reliable way. You two will be saving Nu.


Anyone else wonder where @JordanLee is? I expected he’d be a part of “saving Nu”.


I imagine he’s letting us squirm for not listening to him? Or maybe he’s trying to come up with a plan himself and it isn’t ready yet?


@Sentinelrv , with all due respect, could you please stop behaving like a child? I read this several times from you now, it is enough. Thanks a lot!


I think you misinterpret what I’m saying as blaming shareholders for not listening. I’m not trying to tell shareholders that I agreed with Jordan and that I blame them for messing up. I’m simply saying that Jordan is probably upset that we didn’t do what he wanted, which is why he’s been missing the last couple days. Sorry if I made it sound that way. I didn’t intend that.

I’ve had some time to reflect and believe that doing what he asked us to do by putting the remaining funds on at a 1% spread would not have solved the problem. I think Jordan is right that park rates can’t be effective without a tight peg, but they also can’t be effective if the reserve is as low as ours was, because people lose confidence that they will get their money back, so they don’t take the risk of parking. So I agree with Jordan about a tight spread being necessary for parking to work at all, but disagree that parking would have made a difference in this situation, even with a 1% spread in place. The system can’t work with such low reserves. People need to have some amount of confidence for parking to work.


Blind auctions are simple. Say you’ll sell 4 million nsr by a specific time and day. Tell everyone a few ways to contact you. Advertise it. Ask them to pledge a volume of nbt at a certain nsr/nbt price. When the auction ends, ask the people with the highest bids to pony up. Pay out nsr to whatever address those people give you.


Two possibilities: you are right, or you are wrong.

If you are right, I will quit this project within a blink of an eye. This is supposed to be business, not kindergarten.
If you are wrong, you behave like a child.


You’re right, I’m sorry. I have much higher respect for Jordan than to think he would act like that and I’m not even sure why the thought crossed my mind. If anything, he’s either taking some time to reflect on what went wrong or trying to come up with a plan to continue. Once again, sorry for suggesting that. I don’t believe it.


“Peershares such as NuBits and B&C Exchange are the most advanced form of decentralised blockchain governance to date. The work I have already done establishes me as the leading innovator in decentralised blockchain governance.

This guy knows what he is doing :wink: Letting the community bleed for stupid reasons can’t be part of his repertoire. I am sure he will deliver.


Yes, you’re right. I think I’m just having a bad week because of the chaos and blurted out something stupid. It happens sometimes when you’re under stress. Sorry to Jordan specifically.


You got me wrong. In my future post, I will always indicate whether there is some inherent sarcasm. Sorry for expecting anyone to notice. I am not at all convinced that he will deliver…
But if he doesn’t because he first wants the community to suffer, I am going to quit crypto in general. That would be the most stupid thing on earth I’ve ever seen.

  • Should there be a minimum price? Which?
  • How much? $2000/day was suggested by @mhps and agreed to by @cryptog, but I’m not sure if or how that number converts to a blind auction which will span at least days I imagine.
  • How long should the auction be?
  • Someone’s bid will likely be semi-filled. I’ll simply offer them what’s left. Probably obvious.

Anything else?

@cryptog @Dhume @dysconnect @masterOfDisaster @mhps @ttutdxh @woodstockmerkle

NuShare address: SWqGtyZvQoDVP8wV2HPMFcA5vK5pVBA3yh (backed up)
Amount: Undetermined.

Create transaction.


I know you might be under quite some pressure because you put a lot of money and believe into this project, but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Do not make any further mistakes now. Try to make well-considered decisions. Anything else will make you lose even more money.


You could start with the 3.175 mil nsr that was supposed to be sold this week. Forget a minimum price, imo. People are just as ready to dump nbt as nsr, so it should work out in the end. The time frame is indeed the crucial question.


Absence of Jordan is quite unnerving. Expecially considering the unlimited amount of time designated to destroy master of disaster.


you got it


The longer he is absent, the more impressive is the solution that I expect from him.


The worst thing that could be happening right now is he’s curled up in the fetal position with a bottle of Jack Daniels with the cold sweats. I really hope this is not the case, we need thinking not drinking.