FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)

Please do me a favour and check that thoroughly.
I’m kinda n00bish and lost without Cointoolkit properly working.
Thank you so much for starting this process!

To your nsr address in Polo?

Yes. One of my NuBot accounts like I explained.

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I am ready to sign any time.

i tried to sign but i can’t see signed number increasing in verify

Cointoolkit doesn’t work properly, because of Cointoolkit FLOT guide and changelog and Cointoolkit FLOT guide and changelog.
What’s even worse: the version you signed seems to have the same raw tx hex code than the version I signed.

I wasn’t suggesting that FLOT changes the way it calculates the amount of NSR to sell, only the way it reports the result of that calculation.

The options 1-5 were for how to decide what price to offer the shares at when the orders are placed on the exchange. I suppose it does make sense that the price used in the calculation of number of shares to sell and the starting offer price be the same, but that wasn’t what I was thinking when I wrote the post.

I agree it shouldn’t be an automatic calculation, but knowing what the options are makes it so you don’t accidently ignore a good one.

The sooner you get BTC into the reserves the better it is for Nu. Getting BTC earlier in the week is better than getting it later in the week, that is why I suggest a more aggressive initial sale price.

I wasn’t suggesting that FLOT changes the way it calculates the amount of NSR to sell, only the way it reports the result of that calculation.

You make a good point, someone could sell a large quantity of NSR right before, knowing that more was going to come onto the market quickly. That would certainly affect option 3 (and probably 4 and 5 too). Maybe treat the options as a menu and only choose the more agressive options if you don’t think manipulation is in progress?

About using the average rate of the past sale, that ensures that you start the current sale at a price that you couldn’t sell all the shares for last week. Unless people think the network is in better shape now than last week, it won’t be low enough to sell the shares.

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I must have done something wrong.

createmultisig 3 '["02e2fcdfe246e9cd4864d9119b8af465487385eccd0ea30a8cb21d44d36818189f", "03661a4370dfcfbcea25d1800057220f4572b6eecab95bb0670e8676a9e34451dc", "03686ee42f635c71c08f326e66139b6cb37167402cc0562584655aac03fe740495", "039854d0e2abf6e4971e1350137b876da6a05132737c11ca3e37aaed2a0eb66808", "03d05d8fb69fcd289548140dde8e906f6fc217b02477f81842f2483d9ea1c92425"]'
"address" : "SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC",
"redeemScript" : "532102e2fcdfe246e9cd4864d9119b8af465487385eccd0ea30a8cb21d44d36818189f2103661a4370dfcfbcea25d1800057220f4572b6eecab95bb0670e8676a9e34451dc2103686ee42f635c71c08f326e66139b6cb37167402cc0562584655aac03fe74049521039854d0e2abf6e4971e1350137b876da6a05132737c11ca3e37aaed2a0eb668082103d05d8fb69fcd289548140dde8e906f6fc217b02477f81842f2483d9ea1c9242555ae"
createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"b24342d957bf8deb5abf7ff19ff06c38520e99ee6a09797c2ed9b3895f09ed19","vout":1}]' '{"Sidhvfpo93KGVpbu9pM3LgyiPdgesnT1G6": 3175000, "SvtGbNjWE49pTM2TiUZrYKSNkxTJx75mmC": 19424926}'
decoderawtransaction 01000000a4f454570119ed095f89b3d92e7c79096aee990e52386cf09ff17fbf5aeb8dbf57d94243b20100000000ffffffff02808d7264070000001976a914ea14ae550e86edaa729903366b61e7bf2746577088ace07b283a2d00000017a9147077487df91c0166d33ee6079b0c2229788f6ac2870000000053
"txid" : "7266b3200ee1cb6e56a66051cd865f62833874033edf5c3e1787ffb6c450fb4e",
"version" : 1,
"time" : 1465185444,
"locktime" : 0,
"unit" : "S",
"vin" : [
"txid" : "b24342d957bf8deb5abf7ff19ff06c38520e99ee6a09797c2ed9b3895f09ed19",
"vout" : 1,
"scriptSig" : {
"asm" : "",
"hex" : ""
"sequence" : 4294967295
"vout" : [
"value" : 3175000.0,
"n" : 0,
"scriptPubKey" : {
"asm" : "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 ea14ae550e86edaa729903366b61e7bf27465770 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
"hex" : "76a914ea14ae550e86edaa729903366b61e7bf2746577088ac",
"type" : "pubkeyhash",
"reqSigs" : 1,
"addresses" : [
"value" : 19424926.0,
"n" : 1,
"scriptPubKey" : {
"asm" : "OP_HASH160 7077487df91c0166d33ee6079b0c2229788f6ac2 OP_EQUAL",
"hex" : "a9147077487df91c0166d33ee6079b0c2229788f6ac287",
"type" : "scripthash",
"reqSigs" : 1,
"addresses" : [

3175000.0 + 19424926.0 = 22599926
22600006 – 22599926 = 80

Does this mean 80 NSR fee …?

I am way too tired for this, sorry. If you try signing it, please be super careful and make sure you don’t broadcast unless certain it won’t eat all our NuShares.

Yah, why not.
The last thing I wanted to deal with is crazy shareholders messing with the NSR tx fee - whether it’s 2, 3, 80 or 10,000 NSR fee doesn’t really matter, right?

Thank you for being too tired to having created it!

I’ll check it, before I sign it and recommend any other signer not to rely on me and check even more deliberately than usually!

the point is that it is a surprise so it might indicate something is wrong in the process.

I had to do all calculations manually.
Cointoolkit wasn’t able to load the inputs.
I based the first attempt of creating a tx with Cointoolkit on @jooize’s groundwork.
The high fee was my choice.

3,175,000 to masterOfDisaster Poloniex account

Signed 1 (mOD) of 3/5


I checked the addresses and the NSR amounts.
Please check thoroughly before continuing to sign or broadcast it!

signed 2 of 3/5 but not quite sure. verify

The size didn’t increase.
Doesn’t look like it worked.
The hex code of the raw tx likely is still the same.

@mhps, can you please try signing the tx again? We need to sell NSR…

@Dhume, @ttutdxh, @cryptog, please chime in!

Has something been improved or you just want to see the same thing happening again?

edit: i just tried. got the same result. Are we sure it’s an explorer problem? the explorer is up. i can run the buyback calculator alright.

If your signing fails, it shouldn’t be related to the explorer.
The tx was crafted manually by @jooize.

Are you sure you have the right password?
Last time I had a similar issue, it was related to the password.

I don’t know what passwd you mean. there is only the priv key i need to use.

Right. Privkey. That’s what was referring to when I said “password”.

i just checked. the key was right.
one could create a 3 of 5 address with self’s keys and see if it is possible to sign it.

Then I remain clueless.